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University makes leap with nanotechnology

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet | 1/6/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Sabancı University in Istanbul has obtained a prominent figure for its nanotechnology department.

Sabancı University in Istanbul has obtained a prominent figure for its nanotechnology department from Irvine Sensors Corp., one of the world’s leading firms in nanotechnology.

Volkan Özgüz, known for his studies in the field of electronic miniaturization, has been nominated as the director of Sabancı University’s Nanotechnology Research and Application Center, or SUNUM.

Announcing the transfer at a press meeting on Tuesday, Güler Sabancı, chairperson of Sabancı University’s Board of Trustees, said the university now has the proper climate for research and development as well as applied research.

“The climate is proper and the gate of opportunities seems ready. We see that it is the proper time for Turkey. Our university’s 10-year experience already makes it ready for a leap. I hope we will be able to make this leap.”

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“Comparatively, Sabancı University has an advantage. We do not have departments but an interdisciplinary infrastructure. We see this research infrastructure is a significant advantage in nanotechnology research,” said Sabancı. Özgüz has returned to Turkey with 20 years of experience, she also said.

“SUNUM will try to develop products proper to rapid industry use. It makes me excited to hear from scientists that Turkey has a significant opportunity ahead. I stress that research is not the only important factor but that the word application should also be focused on. Product and speed will display the actual success of the successful nanotechnology center.”

SUNUM was established last year with an investment of 50 million Turkish Liras and the support of the State Planning Organization. “The volume of the world’s nanotechnology market is 2.5 billion euros. Between 2014 and 2018, the foreign-funded nanotechnology projects at our university are expected to total 55 million liras,” said Sabancı University Rector Professor Nihat Berker.

SUNUM will firstly prioritize agriculture as well as water and environmental cleanliness, said Özgüz. “The construction sector may also be interesting. There are also studies in medicine.”

“Many experts agree that nanotechnology is the most important technology among the ones to leave its mark on the 21st century,” Özgüz said. “The countries to convert their R&D studies rapidly into products in terms of health, security and living quality will affect their citizens’ life significantly.”

Özgüz expressed the goal to make SUNUM’s infrastructure operational within one year. “Our aim is to become among the world’s top 10 nanotechnology centers within three years,” he said.



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