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Turkish contractors to rebuild Sadr City in Baghdad

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet | 12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM | NİLGÜN KARATAŞ

A Turkish consortium wins the bid for construction of Baghdad’s Sadr City, offering to complete the massive project for $11.3 billion. The project involves construction of a modern city of 75,000 housing units to accommodate up to 600,000 people. The project will be finished in nearly four years. The Turkish consortium competed against four key bidders, although more than 50 groups had applied

Turkish contractors won a huge bid to rebuild the Sadr City neighborhood of Iraq’s capital Baghdad. The project will be funded by the Iraq central government and will cost nearly $11.3 billion.

Six Turkish contractors, Koçoğlu Tarmaş, Kur İnşaat, Kazova, Ulubol-İşkaya formed a consortium in which they all have equal shares. The result of the bid was announced Thursday.

The project involves construction of a modern city of 75,000 housing units to accommodate 500,000 or 600,000 people. All units will be opened to their owners at the same time, according to the plans.

The project does not only involve construction of houses, but also requires building of social facilities such as mosques and schools.

It took the Turkish consortium three months to prepare the bid offer.

Some 52 groups applied for the bid, however only 13 were good enough to be granted efficiency. Of the 13, only four companies were selected for the bid, two of which from Iran and the third being a Thailand-Iraqi partnership.

The Turkish consortium offered to build the project for around $11.3 billion, whereas Arkanayd from Iran offered $11.5 billion. The Thailand-Iraqi partnership (MTV-Mivan) offered $14.3 billion and Dasht Shayan Tosee and Kaysun partnership from Iran said it would build the projects for $17.9 billion.

According to the terms of the bid, the Turkish consortium has to finish the project in approximately four years.

A total of $5 billion of the allocation has already been collected for the project and the Turkish consortium is now waiting for the allocation of the land and for the final authorization from Iraqi government, which is reported to declare its final decision as early as next week.

According to the feasibility figures, some 22,000 people will work in the construction, 7,000 of which are construction and technical workers. Some $7 billion or $8 billion is predicted for expenditures like construction materials, cement, machinery and equipment.

The consortium will work with many subcontractors on electric systems, logistics, cement plants, tunnel doors and various construction machines. Therefore, many other companies will do business for the project.

The amount allocated for the construction of Sadr City equals the amount needed for construction of four or five Bosphorus bridges.

A team of 30 architects was gathered for the projects under the guidance of Nejdat Kıran Yazıcı, the owner of architecture firm NYK.



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