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Turkish-Belgian film to hit theaters

BRUSSELS - Anatolia News Agency | 9/26/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Turkish director Kadir Balcı's new film, 'Turquaze,' which premiered last Thursday in the Belgian city of Gent, will hit theaters Wednesday.

Turkish director Kadir Balcı’s new film, “Turquaze,” which premiered last Thursday in the Belgian city of Gent, will hit theaters Wednesday, giving more viewers the opportunity to see his take on a Turkish family in Gent.

Speaking about the film, 40-year-old Balcı said that he grew up in Gent and that the family’s home was very close to a cinema.

“As children, my brother and I used to sneak into the theater often. One day we got caught and I told the official that in the future I would be sitting at the first row of the theater,” Balcı said. “Tonight I have made my dream come true and I am very happy about it.”

Turks and Belgians watching “Turquaze” will probably laugh at different scenes, but will try to understand each other, the director added.

“Turquaze” is a film on the identity crisis experienced by three Turkish brothers (Ediz, Timur and Bora) who move to the city of Gent after their father passes away, leaving their mother in Istanbul. Ediz assumes the role of the father in the family while Timur tries to keep his promise to his late dad by joining a band and Bora gets caught up in committing crimes. Timur’s girlfriend, Sarah, makes great efforts so that their relationship does not become a victim of cultural differences.

The film is a Belgian-Turkish joint production and scenes for the film were shot both in Istanbul and Gent.



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