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Solar panels to replace cotton in fields

DENİZLİ - Doğan News Agency | 1/18/2010 12:00:00 AM |

The municipality of a town in Denizli, a populous city in the Aegean region, is working with Pamukkale University to convert infertile lands into solar panel fields.

A municipality in Denizli, a populous city in the Aegean region, has applied to Pamukkale University to convert infertile lands into solar panel fields.

Producers in Akköy, a Denizli town referred to as a cotton barn, have opted to develop alternative products. The town’s economy has weakened as cotton plantations were left empty.

In an attempt to revive the economy, Akköy Mayor Abdullah Kılbıyık of the Democratic Left Party, or DSP, has requested the installation of solar panels on empty plantations.

Solar panels may be installed in the city under the clean energy studies framework by Pamukkale University. The municipality is ready to allocate land for the studies, Kılbıyık said, adding: “A private company proposed to install solar panels to generate electricity in the past. Things fell through because we could not rely on that company. Our town receives substantial sunlight benefiting this type of energy production. That’s why we want our local university to conduct the studies here. We have made the proposal to the university, and they will respond to us after an evaluation.”

[HH] University’s solar house

There have been ongoing studies on renewable electricity generation from solar energy at the university. The existing solar house project enables the use of the solar-generated electricity for a wide range of purposes, including heating, lighting and general consumption. On top of that, the university has prepared a project for energy generation through solar fields. Bereket Energy, a Denizli-based energy firm, supports the project, which includes the implementation of parabolic mirrors on the formation of the solar fields. Turkey’s annual sunshine time-lapse is 2,640 hours on average, according to the studies of the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration. The Aegean region ranks third in terms of sunshine duration just after the southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean regions.



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