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Sex-tapes back, this time AKP 'targeted'

HDN | 6/1/2011 12:00:00 AM | YUSUF KANLI

'Farkli ülkücüler' group issued what appeared to be a sheer blackmail message: 'Justice and Development Party wait for June 9. You AKP, wait for June 9.'

It was awkward as perhaps it might as well be an answer to some claims. Or, perhaps it was part of a larger, complicated and rather vicious plot. Or, simply perhaps it was an attempt to refute charges by some opponents who placed the blame of the last two waves of sex-tapes on the ruling Justice and development Party, or AKP.

After the so-called “Farklı ülkücülük” (Different idealism) group a new “Farkli ülkücüler” (Different idealists) group appeared on the social media. The Farkli ülkücüler group claimed social media accounts of the Farkli ülkücülük were all hacked and “taken over” by some adversaries and only messages announced on the new site were valid. As both the first group and the second group were very shadowy it was of course impossible to authenticate the claims.

But, soon after the group announced it changed its name and electronic media sites, it issued first what appeared to be a veiled threat message, “Those who have attacked our struggle will all be eradicated.” Then, through the same website, the group issued what appeared to be a sheer blackmail message: “Justice and Development Party wait for June 9.You AKP, wait for June 9.”

A second message was more to the point, “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, you will apologize from the entire community of idealists on June 9.”

A third message was not only a veiled threat but content wise was also rather dirty. It was addressing a conservative writer who applied for parliamentary candidacy from the AKP ticket but was not made a candidate by the ruling party. The wife of the writer was AKP deputy in the previous parliament but did not seek reelection.

Obviously, I will not give the names but the message in summary was asking the husband writer whether he knew what his parliamentarian wife was doing in Strasbourg on October 4-8, 2010. The message was ended with a veiled threat as he should wait for a few days if he wanted to learn.

Are the “Farklı ülkücülük” and “Farklı ülkücüler” indeed the same group? Should these messages be taken seriously? These issues will of course be examined and the necessary measures will hopefully be all taken by the telecommunications authority of the country. Since this time the ruling party and the prime minister are targeted I bet the telecommunications authority would do its best to stop any “hazardous material” being published on the web or Turks having access to such “hazardous material.”

Obviously irrespective of whether such indecent political blackmail and deplorable violation of privacy should be opposed irrespective of whether it targets an opposition politician, a deputy of the ruling party, a journalist, businessman or whoever. No one should even think for one second that the mentality, which condemned the past sex tapes as “general immorality” not a “violation of private life,” deserved even worse. If such an attitude is developed, at that point all the difference between values and norms of the modern society and the primitive world view of the person who made such an awkward remark would be nullified.

Despite his arrogance, demonstrated habit of exploiting all values and norms in a Machiavellian style, and all he has said in the sex-tapes sham so far, even the AKP leader does not deserve to be the victim of such a deplorable and totally disgusting electronic warfare.

But, could it be that the prime minister and his AKP have realized the sharp retreat in popularity of the ruling party and the advance of the Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, since the sex-tapes were released in two batches and now are in efforts to “balance out” the situation with some similar attacks on the AKP?

As election bans have started as of today, unfortunately I cannot provide the percentages but a public opinion poll conducted in May by the Metropol company, which has been conducting public opinion polls for the ruling AKP, has reportedly showed the MHP vote increased by almost 5 percentage points and exceeded the electoral threshold comfortably by several percentage points, before undecided votes distributed, while the AKP retreated by almost 5 percentage points compared to its April performance. That is, according to AKP’s polling company, sex-tapes counter-worked.

Perhaps most people in the media preferred to ignore both the Metropol poll and the sex-tape threats issued against the AKP on the social media with a suspicion that the AKP is concocting something to win back lost popularity as the voting day draws closer. That is not what most probably the AKP expected. Would the release of any tapes change the situation? Most probably the media will prefer to turn a blind eye to them.

The Military is not “helping” the AKP either. With the latest arrest of four-star general Bilgin Balanlı there are 30 generals behind bars and 28 generals in military barracks. Yet, the military, thank God, is not making a nasty statement this time and refusing to give the AKP the pretext of portraying itself to the electorate as the aggrieved.



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