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One transsexual, one woman killed by family in Turkey

GAZİANTEP / MANİSA | 10/7/2011 12:00:00 AM |

'My brother was engaged in transvestism. I killed him,' said Fevzi Çetin, 27. 'I cleansed my honor.' Çetin turned himself in to hospital police after firing three rounds at his brother with a pistol.

A transexual man and a woman were killed in separate attacks by their relatives on Oct. 7 in the eastern province of Gaziantep and the western province of Manisa, respectively.

Ramazan Çetin, 24, was being treated at Gaziantep Cengiz Gökçek State Hospital following injuries he sustained after falling from a high place on Oct. 4 when the murder occurred.

Fevzi Çetin, Ramazan’s brother, turned himself in to hospital police after firing three rounds at his brother with a pistol at about 6:45 p.m. Two bullets went through his body, while another bullet went through his head, according to reports.

“My brother was engaged in travestism. I killed him,” said Fevzi Çetin, 27. “I cleansed my honor.”

Fevzi Çetin was taking special care to stay away from his family, who disapproved of his sexual preference. Çetin left his family home two years ago and had been living alone ever since.

Meanwhile, a woman returning from a women’s shelter back to her husband’s home was lethally stabbed by him in Manisa province, according to allegations, while her husband was also wounded in a fire he started.

Locals in the area informed fire fighters when they heard a blast and noticed the fumes coming from the house of İbrahim E., 45, on the ground floor of a three-story building in the Hafsa Sultan neighborhood.

When fire fighters and police broke into the house, they found İbrahim E.’s wife, Şefika E., lying unconscious in the bathtub with a knife in her back.

İbrahim E. was found in another room with burns on his body, as he was reportedly wounded in the fire that officials say he started. The injured husband and wife were taken to the Merkez Efendi State Hospital while the fire in the house was being put out. Şefika E. died on the way to the hospital.

İbrahim E. was referred to court in late September after Şefika E. filed a complaint against her husband, claiming he had beaten her. İbrahim E., however, was released pending trial, after which Şefika E. began staying at a women’s shelter.

Şefika E. had recently returned to her husband’s home after stating they had made up with each other, according to reports.

Compiled from Anatolia news agency and Doğan news agency stories by the Daily News staff in Istanbul.



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