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Israel and the PKK want to teach Turkey a lesson

HDN | 5/31/2010 12:00:00 AM | MEHMET ALİ BİRAND

Israel’s attack is the most dangerous step taken up until now and will harm relations with Turkey from the ground up.

First of all let’s agree on a mutual point.

Israel’s attack is the most dangerous step taken up until now and will harm relations with Turkey from the ground up.

The other point is that we need not hold Israel entirely responsible for what happened. The Netanyahu administration should not be accountable for such a frameless and foolhardy attitude. It cannot be linked to entire Israel or the Jews.

Now let’s talk about the details:

There was no need for Israel’s armed intervention in a civil convoy in international waters that was offering humanitarian help to Gaza. It could have peacefully intervened and not allowed it to anchor in Gaza if that was what it intended. It could have offered the rope to pull up closer and thus obtained the same result. There is no convincible reason given by the Israeli government. No one would believe that someone grabbed a gun and the military opened fire based on that. No matter what the reason for the attack was no one would accept it. Obviously there is very heavy agitation. It is understood that a message was to be delivered to Turkey when armed force was applied although there was no need for it. The message here was to make sure that Turkey is taught a lesson so that this won’t happen again if in the future if a similar situation is faced.

We’ll talk about it more later on but for now I’d like to share what might happen now.

This incident will ignite our tense relationship from ground up. Now there is no way of fixing it. From now on we won’t be able to speak of a Turkish-Israeli alliance. Yes Turkey will be hurt but Israel even more. The bill for losing an ally like Turkey will be very heavy.

The only threat for Turkey in respect to the public and state mechanism is if it over-reacts and puts itself in a position of being perceived wrong whereas it is right.

Exaggerated reactions, reducing the incident to religious bases and attacking Israeli targets would disturb Turkey’s position in the international arena as well as in public. There will be healthy results obtained only if it reacts calmly and does not engage in impulsive reactions.

[HH] PKK makes a huge calculation mistake

What a pity.

What a pity that all what’s left of the initiative is being destroyed.

What does Öcalan want to obtain?

I never understood.

The PKK is making calculation mistakes.

Whoever gives these orders, Öcalan or Kandil, I don’t know but they are not very farsighted. They are unable to correctly take the pulse of the Turkish public.

Formerly the Turkish public used to react to terror deeds in a “Do whatever is necessary to solve this issue” way. This attitude was not intended to derive a meaning of surrender to the PKK or accept what the PKK requests but people seemed sick and tired of the issue. The public wanted the state to take action and cease fights.

And it was this weak point the PKK used to agitate. It used to make use of terror and put pressure on Ankara by increasing demonstrations and armed attacks with an attitude of “If you don’t do as we tell, this is what we will do to you.”

But they cannot predict the following anymore…

The Turkish public has started to be affected differently by these terror attacks. Now, each terror incident has hardened the Turkish public a bit more and brought about a result of choking the Kurdish issue.

But Öcalan is mistaken if he wants to fix his situation at İmralı via these attacks or wants to obtain a say in negotiations this way.

Each attack causes the Turkish public to become a bit tenser.

Each incident increases their resistance a bit more.

My hopes started to cease.

I started to think that the PKK and the leaders are not seeking a battle instead of peace.

Israel and the PKK have brought about a change in perception in this country by taking extremely wrong steps.

And now they have to live with the results.



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