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Iranian carmaker Khodro eyes joint manufacturing with Turkey

BURSA - Anatolia News Agency | 9/19/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Khodro, an Iranian carmaker, plans to manufacture automobiles in Turkey in a “free zone” to be established on the border between the two countries, according to Abdolazim Saedian, export manager of Khodro.

Speaking about Khodro’s automobile manufacturing plan in Turkey on behalf of the Developing Eight countries, or D-8, Saedian said, “Khodro is ready to do everything necessary for the creation of a common automobile manufacturing project.”

Cooperation between Turkey and Khodro dates back nearly 10 years, a long time especially in the automotive supply industry. They now share what Khodro hopes will be a permanent relationship.

The manufacturing of a special car in cooperation with the Turkish automotive industry for the D-8 markets was added to the agenda during the D-8 meetings, Saedian said.

“Only these two countries have the sufficient industrial power in the automotive sector required for such a project,” Saedian said. “Iran has its own automotive brand. Iran is not dependant on any other countries concerning this issue.”

The director-general of Khodro has suggested Turkey can work together with Iran’s national brand Samand. He also suggested producing a common brand together with Turkey.

“The project can be carried out in the free zone, to be constructed on the border of the two countries,” Saedian said. “Officials from the two countries will hold talks to manufacture a common automotive brand.

“The amount of the investment will be dependent on the class of the car and the production number,” he said. “Turkey has to find a Turkish company that will take responsibility for the project, and then we can get into action.”

Saedian said he would meet with all the companies that have potential to join the common project. Khodro has already held talks with Tofaş, a Turkish carmaker based in Bursa. “Khodro has sufficient experience to launch such a project,” he said. “We will wait for an answer from Turkey.”

Saedian said Khodro currently has a total of six projects in other countries where the company exports its own brand.



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