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Short stories from coastal towns and cities

HDN | 7/12/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Short stories from Marmaris, Adana, Çanakkale, Mersin and Bodrum.

American battleship USS Carney in Marmaris

The US navy battleship “USS Carney” arrived Tuesday in Muğla’s Marmaris district along with its approximately 300-person crew. The destroyer, 200 meters long, is on duty with the United States Fifth Fleet. USS Carney stayed at Marmaris Port until Friday. Intensive security measures were taken at the port. The captain of the ship, Lt. Cmdr. Brendan McLane, paid a visit to the offices of Marmaris District Gov. Serdar Polat and Mayor Ali Acar. Sailors went shopping around town in groups. No information was available on where the USS Carney had come from or on its next route. MARMARİS - Doğan News Agency

High humidity overwhelms Adana and Mersin

Humidity levels reached 96 percent at night in Adana and Mersin on Tuesday, overwhelming locals. Adana Meteorology District Manager İdris Coşkun said the humidity was apparent especially at night and early in the morning. Coşkun said the daily percentage of 50 to 65 percent in humidity levels increased to 96 percent at night in both provinces. Daytime and nighttime temperatures were 33 and 22 degrees Celsius, respectively. Humidity levels are scheduled to remain at around 40 to 50 percent during the day and above 90 percent at night in Adana and Mersin. ADANA- Anatolia News Agency

Jealous husband wrecks hotel

Bill Cook, 26, a British vacationer in Muğla’s Marmaris district, became enraged when his wife became cordial and began dancing with Turkish men at a disco. Cook, who had reportedly imbibed mass quantities of alcohol, was deported after breaking down the door and smashing glass tables at his hotel last Thursday. Cook and wife, Valerie Cook, 28, were staying at the Princess Garden Apart Hotel. The British couple went to a disco on the Bar Street Tuesday night. Observing his wife dancing with Turkish men at the disco, Cook lost his temper. Sharply grabbing his wife by the arm, Cook dragged her out from among the Turkish males circling her on the dance floor. Toward morning, Cook returned to the hotel inebriated, wreaking havoc on the premises, and was taken into custody at the Çarşı Police Station. Cook, who had a blood alcohol content of 3.20, paid a fine of 2,140 Turkish Liras. The belligerent British husband was given a police escort to Dalaman Airport. MARMARİS - Doğan News Agency

American tourist hospitalized on her birthday

A passenger on the Bahaman cruise ship “Crystal Serenity,” American tourist Annette Zimmar, 84, has been hospitalized after the woman collapsed in a hallway while the ship was passing through the Dardenelles. Following an initial examination undertaken at the ship infirmary, it was determined that Zimmar had an internal hemorrhage. The ship’s doctor decided to transfer Zimmar to a general hospital. Zimmar, who is receiving treatment, is still in critical condition. M. Fred Zimmar, the woman’s husband, was preparing a surprise birthday party for his wife as the ship was entering the Dardanelles. ÇANAKKALE- Doğan News Agency

7 sea turtles die trapped in fishing nets

Seven sea turtles, all of them endangered species, died after being trapped in fishing nets Wednesday in Mersin’s Erdemli district. A diver, Emrah Kılıçaslan, spotted the dead sea turtles at the bottom of the sea and informed the coastguard commandership. The turtles, three of them Caretta Carettas and four of them Chelonia Mydas, were removed after four hours of work. Coastguards started an investigation to identify the fisherman who cast the net. Mersin Gov. Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu inspected the shore and drew attention to the dangers sea turtles face at this time of the year, which coincides with their nesting period from June until August when they lay their eggs on the shore. He promised tougher monitoring. MERSIN - Doğan News Agency

300-year-old tavern becomes bar

In the southwestern town of Bodrum, a historical inn restored by Şenkar Özütüzün is now hosting a bar named the NewOld Club. The owner organized a cocktail for the opening of the bar located on Bodrum’s Kale Street, with Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon and Chamber of Commerce CEO Mahmut Kocadon attending. Kocadon mentioned the importance of adding the inn to Bodrum’s image in the international arena. Öztüzün provided details about the program of the bar, such as interesting DJ performances, house, R&B, unforgettable foreign 80s pop music as well as different cocktails. BODRUM -  Doğan News Agency



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