Turkey's Golden Boll film festival draws to a close

ADANA - Hürriyet Daily News | 9/26/2010 12:00:00 AM |

The closing ceremony of the 17th Adana International Golden Boll Film Festival was held Saturday night with the presentation of awards. Director Kaplanoğlu’s Berlinale-winning 'Bal' scooped up the best film award as well as the Cinema Writers Association, or SİYAD, Best Film Award while the best director award was shared by between Selim Demirdelen for 'Kavşak' (Intersection) and Levent Semerci for 'Nefes Vatan Sağolsun' (Breath)

The 17th year of the Adana International Golden Boll film festival drew to a close Saturday night with an awards ceremony held at the Merkez Park Amphitheater. While Onur Ünlü's “Beş Şehir” (Five Cities) swept up the most awards, the winner of the best film award went to Semih Kapanoğlu’s Berlinale-winning film “Bal” (Honey).

Presented by Oktay Kaynarca and Öykü Serter, the ceremony started with a short documentary recapping the highlights of the festival. It was followed by the distribution of awards to the best short student films and Mediterranean fiction and documentary films. Special features also included a concert by singer Zuhal Olcay.

The awards for actors and actresses showing the greatest future potential were given to Umut Kurt for his role in “Kavşak” (Intersection) and Suzan Genç for her role in “Büyük Oyun” (A Step into the Darkness). Best supporting actor and actress went to Bülent Emin Yarar and Beste Bereket for their roles in “Beş Şehir.”

Awards went to Selim Demirden in “Kavşak” for best musical score and best actor went to Tansu Biçer for his role in “Beş Şehir.” Best actress was shared between Nergis Öztürk and Sezin Akbaşoğulları for their respective roles in “Kıskanmak” (Envy) and “Kavşak.” The award for best scenario was given to Onur Ünlü for “Beş Şehir” and best director was shared between Selim Demirdelen for “Kavşak” and Levent Semerci for “Nefes Vatan Sağolsun” (Breath).

The special Yılmaz Güney prize was presented to Nesli Çölgeçen’s “Denizden Gelen” (Brought by the Sea). He received the award from the head of the jury, Işıl Özgentürk, and said his generation had grown up with Güney’s films and he felt deeply honored to be presented with such an award.

Levent Semerci’s “Nefes” won the Adana Public Jury Award.

[HH] Best film ‘Bal’

Kaplanoğlu’s Berlinale-winning “Bal” scooped up the best film award. Kapanoğlu, who received his award from Adana Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zihni Aldırmaz and Adana Deputy Governor Fikret Deniz, appeared lost for words as he took to the stage. He thanked everyone for their support and commented that he would receive the prize in honor of all the great Turkish directors such as Güney and Ömer Lütfi Akad. He also dedicated the award to Akad.

“Bal” was also presented the Cinema Writers Association, or SİYAD, Best Film Award. SİYAD Honorary Chairman Atilla Dorsay presented the award to Kaplanoğlu.

No award had been given to the best child actors and actresses in previous years. However, due to an outstanding performance by non-professional actor Bora Altaş this year in “Bal,” a new special award recognizing the merit of young actors has been incorporated into the festival. Director Kaplanoğlu went to receive the award on behalf of Altaş. He noted that he had wanted Altaş to be present at the festival but that it had been impossible to arrange as he was currently helping with the walnut harvest in his village. Kaplanoğlu gave special thanks to Altaş and his family for the support that they had shown the film.

To wrap up the awards ceremony, guest of honor and well-respected Greek director Theo Angelopoulos was invited to the stage. Angelopoulos said it was a great privilege for him to be present at the festival. Reiterating sentiments from the afternoon panel, he spoke of the potential possessed by young aspiring Turkish filmmakers and dedicated his prize to today and tomorrow’s filmmakers.



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