Flotilla must carry food not guns, Israeli official says

ISTANBUL-Hurriyet Daily News | 5/12/2011 12:00:00 AM | ÇAĞLA PINAR TUNÇEL

A deputy minister from Israel says participants at the meeting are there to take sides with any kind of peaceful movement to solve the tension between Israel and Turkey.

The deputy minister of development of the Negev and Gallilee in Israel said the meeting participants are taking the side of any kind of peaceful movement at a meeting aimed to bring an ethereal method to solve the tension between Israel and Turkey.

Ayoob Kara, in response to a question on the circumstances Turkey may face including if another flotilla arrives at Gaza, said they support all Turkish aid to the region, medicine or food or together, but they should be defined as humanitarian aid. “We want to work with the Turkish government; we support human rights and there is nothing wrong with that. But we do not want any provocative action that does not bring peace to the region,” he said.

The conference organized by Turkish scholar Adnan Oktar was held Wednesday at Istanbul’s Princess Hotel. The conference aimed to discuss tension between Turkey and Israel gathered officials and religious leaders of Israel including senior leaders of Muslims, Christian, Jewish and Druze communities. While the religious leaders shared their feelings on the Middle East conflict and the current turmoil of some Middle East countries and African countries, they emphasized the brotherhood of the people regardless their religion.

In a response to a question by a reporter about the steps to be taken by religious leaders to help to create sustainable peace, Oktar said as brothers of the world they, both the Israelis and Turkish parties, do not want any hatred, but to live together, the purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the ties between two countries. “These kinds of meetings will continue not only in Istanbul but also in Israel,” he said.



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