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Firm produces energy-generating roofs

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News | 10/12/2009 12:00:00 AM |

Braas, a brand of Monier, is offering environmentally friendly solar energy roofing systems as an integrated solution for the first time in Turkey.

Braas, a brand of Monier, the leading Germany-based roofing systems company, is offering environmentally friendly solar energy roofing systems as an integrated solution for the first time in Turkey.

Covering hot water and combi-boiler needs for homes, these smart solar-energy roof systems turn roofs into energy bases. As the advanced technology of the Braas solar collectors stand up to even the toughest climate conditions, they provide outstanding efficiency in Turkey’s conditions and meet the per capita hot water usage of a house by 70 percent, the firm announced in a written statement.

The Braas team itself undertakes the installation of the waterproof guaranteed solar energy roof system, which does not emit any material that might harm nature during its energy generation.

Braas offers solutions to visual pollution created by existing energy systems through its aesthetic aspects and integrated structure and can be used for all buildings – from detached houses and building complexes to tourist and social facilities, the company said.

It has taken the initiative because of the increasing need for green energy resources amid global warming and the search for alternative energy resources due to a decline in the existing energy resources. “The sun, which ranks first among the renewable energy resources, has an energy capacity that will not be exhausted for millions of years. In just a few hours, the sun sends our way the world’s annual energy demand. Moreover, it is a free resource and does not produce any waste,” it said.

Because of its geographical location, Turkey receives a lot of sunshine every year. By benefiting from this advantage, Braas aims to expand the use of solar energy systems, yielding billions of dollars of savings for the country’s economy.

A leader in quality roofing, Monier is one of the largest roofing companies worldwide, with offices in over 40 countries with over 200 production plants and 10,000 staff. As a company, Monier caters to customer needs, delivering roofs and chimneys that enhance lives, while fulfilling the ambitions of employees and shareholders with the claim of "Roofs for Living."

The company has been producing the Braas brand in Turkey since 1999. Its facilities in Gebze, Kocaeli, a city close to Istanbul, are located on an area of 36,000 square meters and are one of the world’s largest and most modern roof tile and roofing system plants with its fully-automated application technology. The Gebze plant is the leader in cement roof tiling with its ability to install an annual capacity of 1.5 million square meters.

Implementing a brand new roofing system concept with its designs, the firm also offers estimates, consultancy, product and application guarantees and engineering services, in addition to its wide product range.



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