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Even educated girls quit job after marriage

HDN | 8/27/2010 12:00:00 AM | GÜNGÖR URAS

A young girl for whom President Abdullah Gül found a job quit a year later, leaving her job when she got married.

A young girl for whom President Abdullah Gül found a job quit a year later, leaving her job when she got married.

A statistics graduate with a master’s in industrial design, this young girl approached President Gül in İzmir on July 4, 2009, saying, “I have two university diplomas, but no job. I don’t understand why these people applaud you. I want to know what’s going on in this county. Someone better tell us.” The media paid a great deal of attention to the incident and her move was interpreted as the common scream from all educated, unemployed girls in the country.

We later heard that President Gül personally helped this girl find a job.

In a recent interview, the young girl said, “I became the hope of unemployed youngsters. I wish them well,” adding that in time she might work again. I wish this girl and others happiness and happy marriages. But this doesn’t mean being a spouse is an alternative to working…

If the only purpose of our young girls is to find husbands and get married, then why bother going to school, or getting a job and preventing others from getting the position?

The total labor force in Turkey stands at 23 million, 16.4 million of which is male and 6.6 million female. The number of paid workers in Turkey is 13.9 million.

[HH] Educated girls can find work

The problem in our country is that uneducated women cannot find work, not the educated. According to a survey by the Confederation of Labor Unions of Turkey, or TİSK, Turkey is among the top three countries in Europe in terms of numbers of top women executives in private sector conglomerates (around 22.8 percent). In the public sector though, this figure is said to be 6.8 percent. The number of women members of medicine, law and education university faculties is about to outnumber men.

We are heading towards gender equality in university education. Nowadays, girl students are not satisfied to have diplomas from prestigious schools, but also want to have master’s and doctorate degrees from abroad. Some of these girls get good jobs abroad and some return home.

However, as soon as they find a man to marry, many simply forget about work. “I got married… I want to be the woman of my home,” they say. Or they say, “I will have a child and want to raise my child. I can come back to work later,” and quit.

A consequence of this kind of attitude is that education resources allocated to the girls who think like this are being wasted. It’s also a waste for the girls, too. Additionally, it is really a negative image of society when educated girls fall into positions whereby they become totally dependent on husbands and expect them to provide their means of living.

It is really unfortunate that women who have the chance of being educated abuse the limited resources of the country to become consumers, instead of contributing to production.

[HH] The purpose of education is to produce

The purpose of education is to acquire the knowledge and skills of production. Production is physical production. It is also the production of knowledge and the production of services.

People with educations transform knowledge and skills into production at workplaces. Continuing sustainable production is a responsibility they have, toward themselves, but also toward the country and the society in which they live. Education has a cost that is being paid by the countries resources as well as the money spent by individual families.

If families at home and professors at universities explain these things to young girls, neither they nor we will be sorry… Even the young lady who stood in the president’s way and said “I graduated from two universities, but have found no job,” quit after getting married and prefers to be the woman of her house. Then, there must be something wrong.



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