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Cinema museum to keep memories of artists alive

ADANA / Anatolia News Agency | 8/23/2011 12:00:00 AM | Ömer Sarı

Adana has been preparing to open a cinema museum, where famous artists will be commemorated for future generations to come. The cinema museum will officially be opened during the 18th Golden Boll Film Festival to be held between Sept. 17 and 25 at a historic mansion on the Seyhan Street that was recently restored

The southern city of Adana, which is known for being the hometown of a great many prominent names in Turkish cinema, is preparing to host a new cinema museum.

Adana people believe the move to host a cinema museum is really a show of loyalty to Adana artists.

The fertility of this land was explained as, “Even if you plant a walking stick in this land, it would turn green.” Adana was the inspiration for many a Turkish film’s script writer. The city will not forget these names in Turkish cinema and literature who were natives of this land.

The city is preparing to open a venue where famous artists will be commemorated for future generations to come. It has been talked about for many years and now it will come true: A cinema museum is about to be opened.

The cinema museum will officially be opened during the 18th Golden Boll Film Festival to be held between Sept. 17 and 25 at the historic mansion on Seyhan Street that was recently restored.

Special place in cinema

The head of the executive committee of Adana Municipality’s Koza Company, Bekir Sıtkı Özer, said the city holds a special place in Turkish cinema history.

“Many artists who were in love with cinema such as Yılmaz Güney, Ali Şen, Bilal İnci, Mümtaz Sevinç, İrfan Atasoy, Şener Şen, Aytaç Arman, Menderes Samancılar, Yüksel Arıcı, Demir Karahan, Abdurrahman Keskiner, Ali Özgentürk, Meral Zeren and Salih Güney were raised on this land. These people have contributed immensely for the development of cinema.”

Memorabilia from fellow townspeople

The museum was formed to cherish the memory of motion picture artists and performers, Özer said. The cinema museum will be a significant project for the Golden Cocoon Film Festival. It will also shed light on Çukurova’s cinema history, Özer said.

Other celebrities such as painter Abidin Dino and writer Orhan Kemal will have their wax sculptures exhibited in the museum. “A tea set that actor-director Yılmaz Güney sent to his friend Yavuz Pada, who was in France in the 1980s, has been donated to the museum. Güney lovers, when they heard that such a project was being developed, started sending us many memorabilia such as signed letters, black-and-white photographs and the beret he wore for his film Seyithan.”

He said the museum would also display film costumes worn by actors Yılmaz Duru and Mahmut Hekimoğlu, actor İrfan Atasoy’s typewriter, as well as thousands of original movie posters, a model of Turkey’s summer open-air movie theaters, 35-millimeter cameras, themselves.

Özer said the museum would also serve an educational cause. “We will prioritize the works of the artists born in our city, of course. But we also are planning to display costumes worn in soap operas filmed in our province recently and Golden Boll Film Festival’s posters and memorabilia about the festival’s history. The museum offers a large variety of select books about Turkish cinema, as well as catalogs and film posters; so that cinema students and researchers could benefit from the archive the museum provides them.”

He said they also considered opening a small movie theater in the museum. “Our aim is to bring renowned Turkish actors, directors and script writers to our city, not only during the festival time but throughout the year.”

Özer said the museum would accept donations from people across Turkey.

“There are thousands of museums in Europe that showcase the artistic and cultural wealth of the continent. We have a great deal of similar wealth in Turkey. We want to follow their path and contribute to cultural tourism by revealing our country’s cultural and artistic richness,” he said.



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