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CHP deputy's brother implicated in drug bust

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News | 9/28/2009 12:00:00 AM |

Mustafa Fehmi Okay, the brother of a CHP deputy, was implicated in the production of drugs and drug-making paraphernalia earlier this month in Istanbul.

Republican People’s Party, or CHP, parliamentary group deputy leader Hakkı Süha Okay’s brother, Mustafa Fehmi Okay, who was implicated in the production of drugs and drug-making paraphernalia earlier this month in Istanbul, was detained by police Monday.

A former expert in the Istanbul Police Narcotics Bureau, Hüseyin Fehmi Işık, is accused of trying to produce 200 million pills of an illegal stimulant formerly branded as “Captagon.”

The operation, based on a yearlong investigation, resulted in the arrests of 12 people, including the deputy chief of police, two senior police officers and a known businessman, Habib Kanat. A press statement released by the Istanbul Police Department earlier this month, stated that 30 tons of chemical ingredients for 200 million Captagon pills were seized during the raids and that the drug bust was the biggest in the country’s history.

According to Doğan news agency, Mustafa Fehmi Okay was wiretapped speaking to Işık and workers at the drug production depots. Kanat is accused of being the gang’s leader.

When asked, CHP deputy Hakkı Süha Okay said he did not believe his brother could be involved.

[HH] Deputy police chief defends himself

The deputy chief of the national Police Department was ordered to be arrested by an Istanbul court last week after it was discovered that he had frequent contact with an accused drug kingpin.

Deputy Chief Emin Arslan’s conversations with businessman Kanat were recorded, as were his three meetings with the businessman.

Arslan and two regional police chiefs testified in court last week over their involvement with Kanat. Although he admitted his son and Kanat’s daughter were business partners, Arslan denied any wrongdoing.

According to Toygun Atilla’s report in daily Hürriyet, Arslan, in his testimony to the prosecutor, said Kanat was an informant, which was not corroborated.

Arslan said Kanat was a useful informant since 2000 and had constantly asked for help because of threats to his life. He said, when Kanat was arrested he had to contact the deputy police chief for combating organized crime, Ahmet Pek, and the Istanbul Narcotics Bureau Chief Cengiz Melbeleğ. “When Cengiz [Melbeleğ] did not give out any information, I realized that it was a comprehensive operation,” he told the prosecutor.

Arslan also said none of his colleagues had warned him about the ongoing investigation into Kanat’s affairs, adding, “If I had known it, I would have severed all my links with him.”

Pek, when asked about Arslan’s arrest, said it was wrong to comment on an ongoing investigation. “I wish it had not happened,” he said.



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