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short stories from coastal towns and cities

HDN | 7/5/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Short stories from Alanya, Antalya, Mugla, Dalaman, Bodrum, Kusadasi and Mersin.

French tourism writers in Kuşadası 

One of world’s greatest tour operators, Thomas Cook, brought 22 tourism and travel journalists to Kuşadası, near İzmir. They came as guests of the Paloma Hotel chains. In the briefing organized in Paloma Pasha, the hotel’s sales marketing director, Ece Tonbul, said they hosted 14,000 French tourists last year and that they expected 15,000 this year. She said that from this year on a new concept would begin with restaurants in which 70 percent of the wines and 40 percent of the food will be organic. “We will put forward our national culture and delights,” she said. “By targeting families from all over the world, we created special comfortable family package.” KUŞADASI  -  Doğan News Agency

Czech tourist’s organs save lives

Czech tourist Magda Ulrichova, 66, had a cerebral hemorrhage last Friday during her vacation in Antalya. After the patient was announced as brain dead three days later on Monday, her daughter decided to donate her organs. Ulrichova’s organs saved the lives of 50-year-old Muhammed Yalçıntaş and 36-year-old Abdullah Genç. After struggling with a life depended on hemodialysis for 16 years, Genç said: “I’m really happy. I’ve been struggling for many years in dialysis. Now I’m saved.” He returned his thanks to Ulrichova’s relatives. Organ transport center Coordinator Nilgün Keçecioğlu, Dr. Alihan Gürkan and Dr. Ayhan Dinçkan analyzed both patients and reported that they were in good condition. ANTALYA - Doğan News Agency

Bus stop with a cooling effect

In the southern province of Mersin, electric technician and designer Ali Yeşiltaş has launched a project of “a bus station with fans.” His project took the lead in the 2010 R&D Project Market among 45 projects. With his endeavor, there will be sensors under the benches and on the ceilings of bus stops that would trigger cooling fans. When there are no passengers at the bus stop, the fans would stop. Mersin University’s rector, Süha Aydın, has praised the project and said the reason they supported this project was that it was applicable and used solar energy. MERSİN - Doğan News Agency

Caretta called “Dolunay” to be tracked by satellite

A satellite-tracking device has been installed on a Caretta Caretta sea turtle which came to world-famous İztuzu beach in Dalyan of Ortaca district in Muğla to lay its eggs. The 45-year-old caretta named “Dolunay,” meaning full moon in Turkish, will be tracked for a year by satellite. Sea Turtles Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center or DEKAMER curator associate professor Yakup Kaska from Pamukkale University said: “This project will last for a year. Whenever Dolunay comes to surface, we will track where it leaves its eggs, where it gets food and shelter in winter and which migration routes it chooses with the signals coming from the satellite.” People can also watch the process at www.seaturtle.org/dolunay. Muğla – Doğan News Agency

Forest fire in Dalaman

In the forest fire which broke out in Dalaman, in the district of Muğla, almost 1,000 square meters of pinewood was burned. The fire was controlled at short notice with the intervention of two helicopters from Fethiye and Marmaris, four water trucks, one bulldozer and 30 workers. Muğla Regional Director of Forestry, İbrahim Aydın, warned vacationers, saying, “Due to excessive precipitation in June, grasses in the region have grown. When the temperature increases in July, these grasses dry out. There is high risk of fire. We take all necessary precautions but vacationers should be careful as well.” The cause of the fire is yet to be determined. DALAMAN – Doğan News Agency

Convicts and artists clean together

As part of a cleaning campaign prepared by the Karya Culture and Arts Association in cooperation with the Muğla Governor’s Office, sets of teams united to clean Kuyucak Bay. Karya Culture and Arts Association Director and Istanbul State and Opera Ballet artist soprano Gülderen Erdoğmuş, Meşelik Village Headman Tahir Saylak, artists, environmental volunteers and 12 convicts from the Ula half-open prison removed the garbage including the waste of fish farms, fishing nets, buoys, plastic bottles and picnickers’ leftovers. Three kilometers of the coastline was thoroughly cleaned. Tahir Saygılı, one of the convicts said, “We are glad that we can contribute to tourism by doing something good.” BODRUM – Doğan News Agency

Two tourists drown in Alanya

A 44-year-old German tourist, Liselotte Mayer, and 42-year-old Russian tourist, Leonia Shveyael, drowned in Alanya. In the Okurcular district of Antalya’s Alanya district, German tourist Mayer was lost in a current. Her body was found 15 meters offshore. The second event happened in Konaklı, also a district of Alanya. Russian tourist Leonia Shveyael drowned, and her body was found by the locals and taken to the Alanya municipality cemetery morgue. The dead bodies of both victims will be taken to the Antalya forensic medicine institute for an autopsy. ALANYA -Doğan News Agency

Czech tourists wounded in accident

In Kemer, 70 year old Czech Republic citizen Verner Vifmann and his 42 year old wife Dana Brakova, who is 16 weeks pregnant, were wounded in a car accident Thursday. On a crossroad in Çamyuva district, Verner Vifmann’s car crashed into the car of Kenan Padir. While Padir escaped the accident with only small scratches, Vifmann and his wife were stuck in their car. They were rescued with the help of the fire department and taken to Kemer Anatolian Hospital. Both mother and baby are in a good condition but Viffman is in intensive care. Padir was taken into custody for running a red light and causing the accident. ALANYA – Doğan News Agency

126-year-old man in Antalya

Nuri Öztunç, who lives in Antalya, celebrated his 126th birthday with his grandchildren last Thursday. Öztunç said his health was in good condition, but he could not walk around on the streets as he used to do. Öztunç said he owed his health to nature and natural products he consumed. Öztunç remembers the times of Battle of Gallipoli and invasion of Anatolia. He did not see Atatürk, but he heard his name frequently at the time. Öztünç’s son Lezgin Öztünç said they wanted their father to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest man of the world. Nobody has gotten in contact with them so far. Also, he added that they could not make any attempt because their financial situation is not well. Öztunç, who lived through the times of the Ottoman Sultans, such as Sultan Abdülhamid, Sultan Mehmet Reşad and Sultan Mehmed Vahidettin, has eight children, 150 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. ANTALYA – Anatolia News Agency



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