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Recycling unit in Marmaris to reopen

MARMARİS - Doğan News Agency | 7/21/2009 12:00:00 AM |

Operations will reopen for a solid waste treatment facility in the Mediterranean town of Marmaris that closed its doors two years ago due to high costs.

The total amount of solid waste collected in Marmaris is around 80 to 100 tons a day during the winter, but exceeds 300 tons a day in the summer season, said Fikret Engin, an environmental engineer responsible for the treatment facility.

The facility is located on the 13 kilometer of the Marmaris Datça highway and is on 267,000 square meters of land, the equivalent of 24 football fields.

“We have two lots here, one with a capacity of 650,000 cubic meters and the other with 350,000 cubic meters,” Engin said. “The first lot will serve for 12 years. In the last six years, we have collected 300,000 tons of garbage in the first lot.”

The first lot will be covered with soil in 2015 and the land will be forested.

The facility’s recycling unit was handed over to a private firm three years ago, and it was shut down after one year of operation, citing the drop in profits. “Marmaris’s population booms in the summer season, creating a major increase in garbage production, so we have received many offers for the recycling unit. It will open again soon,” said Engin.

Engin added that many tourists apply to the facility for their lost items. “They want to look for their stuff in the garbage,” he said. “But a ministry circular bans ordinary people from checking the garbage. We tell them we are sorry and send them back, but maybe we can help when the recycling unit reopens.”



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