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An all female crew flies Antalya - Amsterdam

ISTANBUL - Daily News with wires | 6/25/2010 12:00:00 AM |

The all-female personnel of a flight of Corendon Airlines, based in Antalya, has attracted the attention of Dutch national television.

Think of a flight that is totally under the control of women. From the pilot to the hostess, all of the flight’s personnel are women. Would this come as a relief to those who are afraid of flying or would it increase their anxiety? It is hard to know. What is certain is the all-female personnel of a flight of Corendon Airlines, based in Antalya, has certainly attracted the attention of the Dutch national television channels as well as the Schiphol airport television.

It is no surprise since usually the Dutch press focuses on honor killings or women suppressed by traditional values in Turkey, strengthening the stereotype that the Turkish society is male-dominated. Although honor killings are a fact and the number of women who believe they need the permission of their husbands to start working is still significantly high, the general picture is not that somber, as the crew members of the Turkish airline company demonstrates. This is why Cpt. Mualla Jonkman, Second Pilot Nihal Bardakçı and Cabin Attendants Ebru Şimşek, Sultan Çetinkol and Gülşah Akkaya have been interviewed by Dutch channels. “Some passangers ask us ‘Where is the captain?’ when they board the plane,” said Captain Jonkman.

There are currently 7,500 liscensed pilots in turkey, according to the information from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Of the 4,500 active pilots, 100 are female.



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