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Turkey tops Europe in rate of new scientists

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency | 8/4/2010 12:00:00 AM |

The number of scientists in Turkey is increasing faster than in any other country in Europe, an official body announced Wednesday.

The number of scientists in Turkey is increasing faster than in any other country in Europe, Turkey’s Secretariat General for EU Affairs, or ABGS, announced Wednesday.

The country increased its number of researchers 107 percent over the last eight years, becoming number one in Europe, the official body said.

ABGS noted that Turkey has begun to get results from the investments it has made in the science and technology field, rising to fifth among 23 EU countries in the rate of speed of allocating resources to research and development, according to the secretariat’s statement.

The share of the private sector, which was 23 percent in 2004, rose to 41 percent in 2008 among the resources reserved for research and development.

[HH] Turkish scientist named ‘fellow’ in US

Professor Şefik Süzer from Ankara’s Bilkent University has meanwhile been named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society, or AVS. A fellow is the highest level of membership in the society. 

Süzer was named a fellow for his international success in studies on vacuum systems making nanoscale material analysis. The professor will receive his title during an Oct. 20 symposium in New Mexico.

Established in 1953, the AVS, with its 5,000 international members, is a nonprofit organization that encourages communication, education and networking in the application of vacuum and other controlled environments to develop new technologies. The AVS promotes communication through its major annual symposium and numerous topical conferences throughout the year.



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