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Turkish student doctors protest 'flawed' TUS exam

ISTANBUL – Daily News with Wires | 1/3/2011 12:00:00 AM |

A group of doctors that sat the Proficiency in Medicine Expert Education, or TUS, exam on Dec. 12 protested ÖSYM for beginning the doctor selection processes despite errors.

A group of doctors who sat an advanced medical exam has protested against Turkey’s Student Selection and Placement Center, or ÖSYM, for beginning specialist placement processes despite a number of alleged errors printed in the exams.

The Proficiency in Medical Expert Education, or TUS, exam held Dec. 12 in order to determine the field of specialization a student doctor can follow, contained errors in nine of its questions, Doğan news agency reported Dr. Mehmet Caner Gülten as saying Monday.

“ÖSYM read our exam results incorrectly and many of our friends’ exam results came in lower than they expected,” he said.

"Furthermore, they only made a statement concerning four of the nine questions that we detected were incorrect. The other questions they found to be without fault within the scope of the answers given by successful students,” he said. 

The group, consisting of 20 people, held up placards that read, “Daddy, do not send me to medical faculties,” and “Hear our voice, you cannot measure, select and locate,” at their protest, which they held in front of the ÖSYM building in Ankara.

Gülten said the group had not received a response regarding their objections and claimed that ÖSYM had started its selection process on the basis of results from the flawed exam.

ÖSYM should hold the exam again, the group said, adding that the education body should stop the unfair practice. “We would like to trust ÖSYM, as it should be the most trustworthy institution in Turkey. It should reconsider the questions and the results. We want to see the reward of our labors,” Gülten said.



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