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Turkey has too few entrepreneurs, says TOBB board member

DENİZLİ – Anatolia News Agency | 1/13/2011 12:00:00 AM |

Only five out of every 100 people in Turkey are entrepreneurs, according to a TOBB Young Entrepreneurs’ board member.

Only five out of every 100 people in Turkey are entrepreneurs, according to a Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodities Exchanges, or TOBB, Young Entrepreneurs’ board member.

“Compared to the global figures, entrepreneurship in Turkey is way below standards,” Sedat Kılıç recently told Anatolia news agency.

Although Turks are generally the courageous type, entrepreneurship in the country is way below the levels seen in Europe or the United States, Kılıç said.

Respondents in Turkish polls on the matter have said a lack of funds or non-access to capital has prevented them from setting up enterprises, while people surveyed in European Union-member countries pointed to a “lack of courage and political issues” as the main hindrances to entrepreneurship.

“In Europe, the U.S. and Canada, nobody considers money as an impediment to enterprising in new ventures, but 85 percent of respondents participating in a poll recently conducted in Turkey considered money as the sole impediment before them,” he said.

While only five of 100 people are entrepreneurs in Turkey, the rate was 17 percent in Mexico, 12 percent in Europe and 11 percent in the U.S., he said.

“There is even more unpleasant data: Fully 80 percent of this 5 percent did not become entrepreneurs willingly. These people hunted for jobs for so long and were unable to get one, so they had to invest all their savings into establishing their own business, namely out of despair. Can you believe that only one of 100 Turks sets up his own business by actually desiring and aiming to do so?” Kılıç asked.

Kılıç also said 76 percent of all newly opened firms were closed down within three years at most.

“With 80 percent of entrepreneurs unwillingly starting their own businesses and 76 percent closing down quickly, that means Turkey could become the 16th most powerful economy in the world solely on the back of the efforts of one willing entrepreneur out of every 100,” Kılıç said.



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