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3rd Yeşilçam Awards presented

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News | 3/24/2010 12:00:00 AM |

The 3rd Yeşilçam Awards, known as the Oscars of Turkey, were presented Tuesday night.

The 3rd Yeşilçam Awards, known as the Oscars of Turkey, were presented Tuesday night.

The award ceremony held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Hall and organized by the Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audiovisual Culture, or TÜRSAK, and Beyoğlu Municipality with the main sponsorship of Turkcell, started with a concert by ENBE Orchestra. Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan drew attention to popularity of Turkish cinema in recent years, adding that the number of films and audiences increased and filmmakers created immortal works with a limited budget. He said the growth of Turkish cinema made everyone proud.

“We want to crown this resolution and success of our filmmakers with the Yeşilçam Awards. These awards are known as the Oscars of Turkey. In my opinion, when the Yeşilçam Awards are comparable to the Oscars, they are more sincere and more real. I believe what makes our cinema special is Turkey’s colors and stories. And I can’t imagine a Beyoğlu without Yeşilçam,” Demircan said.

After speeches, this year’s Yeşilçam Awards were presented. According to the selection of a jury of 2,500 including cinema lovers, the best of Yeşilçam include:

Best Film was “Nefes: Vatan Sağolsun” (Breath); Best Director was Reha Erdem for “Hayat Var” (My Only Sunshine); Best Actress was Binnur Kaya for “Vavien;” Best Actor was Mert Fırat for “Başka Dilde Aşk” (Love in Another Language); Best Supporting Actor was Cemal Toktaş for “Güneşi Gördüm” (I Saw the Sun); and Best Supporting Actress was Derya Alabora for “Pandora’nın Kutusu” (Pandora’s Box).

Also, the Turkcell First Film Award went to “Breath.”



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