Everything that makes a sound is instrument for kids' orchestra

DİYARBAKIR - Anatolia News Agency | 2/18/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality is bringing children together under the auspices of the Children Education Center. The center enables children in the region to become involved in various activities such as theater, rhythm, drama, art, ceramics, chess and taekwondo. The children have also formed a ‘natural’ orchestra playing all types of wasted materials that make a sound

Not your typical orchestra, the Natural Rhythm Orchestra in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır is comprised of 150 children playing anything that makes a noise, such as bottles, cardboard boxes, buckets, tea saucers and teaspoons.

The orchestra was formed by the Children Education Center, which is affiliated with the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality’s children’s department.

Department Director Kadir Güger said the orchestra targets high-risk children. He said the center started working in October, adding that it had 980 registered children. Through the center, Güger said the children had been introduced to different social and cultural activity programs.

“The center has workshops like theater, rhythm, drama, art, ceramics, chess and taekwondo. We also carry out programs regarding children’s rights. We are working toward children becoming more conscious about substance use and exploitation,” he said.

Güger said the center also informed children about the risks of working on the streets. “One of the activities in the center is the rhythm workshop. The idea of an workshop came up after the summer camp that the metropolitan municipality organized in Elazığ’s Gezin. We go to summer camp with 800 children every year and work on the Natural Rhythm Orchestra. When the program first started, the goal was to collect waste products around the camp, to create environmental consciousness and examine these materials. With materials like plastic and glass bottles, cartons and others, children formed the Natural Rhythm Orchestra. Later on, they performed a show at the Hasankeyf Festival.”

Güger said after the establishment of the center, children started working there. “We try to draw the children’s attention to the fact that wasted materials can sound very good and they can produce various melodies using these sounds. This is very fun for them. The rhythm group includes 150 children. They are preparing for a show. They will be on stage in a big concert project. They sometimes perform shows here,” he said.

[HH] Making children love nature

Şerko Aydoğa, teacher of the rhythm workshop, said their biggest goal was to make children love nature and have them help protect the environment. He said the rhythm program also helped children learn patience while having fun.

“We learn how to form an orchestra using garbage. Each of the children represents a different instrument. Everything that sounds is an instrument for them. This work also contributes to their social development,” Aydoğan said.

He said the children’s concert will be held at the end of April.



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