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D-Smart launches new project for HD quality broadcast

ISTANBUL-Hürriyet Daily News | 5/17/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Turkey's leading diversified media-entertainment conglomerate, DTVH, launched a campaign for Turkey’s second digital satellite platform on Monday.

Turkey's leading diversified media-entertainment conglomerate, D-Smart and Smile Group of Doğan TV Holding, or DTVH, launched a campaign for Turkey’s second digital satellite platform on Monday.

The new D-Smart project focuses on HD television broadcasting, said Mustafa Gözalan, CEO of D-Smart and Smile Group, speaking to a journalist during the press meet in Istanbul.

“After standard definition, or SD broadcasting, high definition, or HD will be like changing televisions from black and white to color televisions,” said Gözalan.

For HD broadcasting to reach larger communities, TV and satellite receiver producers have to partner with HD digital platforms, he added. “In Turkey it is estimated that more than 2 million households have HD televisions, however not everyone can watch HD quality broadcasting.”

According to Gözalan, there should be a HD satellite receiver and HD broadcast system for people to watch full HD quality broadcasting. “We will provide full HD broadcasting with our new campaign,” he said.

“In 2009, we gathered D-Smart and smile ADSL operations and gave telecom, Internet and television services via just one structure. We reached 1.5 million households.”

“Our aim is to be at the forefront with the new business models that we will launch in the future,” he said.

D-Smart would do everything to expand HD quality in Turkey, he said, adding that in 2005 there were 10 million HD televisions in the world, while 1.2 million to 1.5 million HD televisions were sold in Turkey annually.

“We expect within five years there will be seven or 10 million HD television in households.”

Considering future developments in the sector, he said the D-Smart platform would continue its investments.

D-Smart Marketing Manager Didem Aksoy said they aimed to reach “everyone in Turkey.” The price of D-Smart HD started at 29.99 Turkish Liras.

“Those who have a D-Smart satellite receiver will only give 19.99 liras in order to change their receivers to HD satellite receivers,” she added.



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