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United Nations envoy to Cyprus, Alexander Downer (L), met with the Turkish Cypriot president Derviş Eroğlu Dec 10. AA photo

United Nations envoy to Cyprus, Alexander Downer (L), met with the Turkish Cypriot president Derviş Eroğlu Dec 10. AA photo

The talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots are at a crucial point and both sides are working hard to reach a mutually agreed draft text, according to the United Nations envoy to Cyprus, Alexander Downer.

Downer met with the Turkish Cypriot president Dec. 10 in the morning hours, after speaking to representatives of the Greek side earlier in the day. However, the U.N. envoy chose not to say how close the talks were to reaching a draft statement, simply stating that the negotiations would kick off as soon as a text was mutually agreed upon by both sides.

Downer underlined the sensitivity of the process, adding that both sides wished to feel comfortable with the joint statement, which constituted an important part of the whole process.

The U.N. envoy did not fuel debate however, saying that the fewer details were known, the more successful the process would be.

Downer had further meetings planned during the day.

Turkey had previously voiced hope for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus dispute so that its membership negotiations with the European Union could get back on track. The rival leaders of the ethnically divided Cyprus have so far failed to agree on resuming stalled talks aimed at reunifying the country. The issue continues to constitute a strong obstacle on Turkey’s path to European Union accession, with the topic frequently dominating the EU agenda.


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Notice on comments

kibrisli TURK

12/13/2013 4:33:59 AM

Turkish Cyprus is happy without any Greek union...Cypriot Apartheid ended thanks to TSK with freedom & peace restored...we do not wish be subject to Greek Apartheid conditions again, as Makarios did to us! TC Mandela came 1974 & ended Greek Apartheid. A reality GC cant accept! Erdogan will maintain the legacy & push our recognition & deserved self-determination! Two-states is the only way, or take back the WHOLE CYPRUS as we did before & ruled in peace for 500 years!

Chris Green

12/12/2013 8:45:36 PM

Picking up, partly at least on Erik's point concerning the return of property, this is not without complication but nevertheless applies to both sides. Larnaca Airport and Paphos A/P's are both built, substantially on Turkish Cypriot land. The south side have always delayed dealing with land issues (unless it is in their favour) until a settlement (also in their favour) is achieved. I for one do not believe that Turkey support other than the preserving of the status quo but a recognised TRNC.

Erik Johansson

12/11/2013 9:44:16 PM

The lifting of trade sanctions, the returning of property and EU membership would benefit all on the island eventually. Wise and mature political leaders is what it takes, who do not behave like children in the sandbox and who do not call the opponents stubborn mules and small salesmen.


12/11/2013 1:38:51 PM

South Africa had Mandela, Cyprus had Makarios and Papadapoulos. They did not even have a Talat. What is there to discuss really?

dennis kavaz

12/11/2013 6:35:17 AM

Had the G Cs take responsibility and be accountable for (reneging on the London Zurich Cords, the crimes committed prior to the 1974) And had the G Cs not listen at 1999 Helsinki’s Summit meeting not to resolve their grievances with the T Cs perhaps and a new friendly alliance between the two Cypriots rivals was possible. However the G Cs would not be accountable but instead keeps on blaming the T Cs Turkey and demands to unify and, on their terms.


12/11/2013 6:08:42 AM

Peter, let us get this straight, it is not Turkish Cypriots but Greeks who need to prove their good intentions, they need to make gestures and convince not just Turks but the rest of the civilized world that they are not just out there to get TCs one more time, that they are different. They are the party no one in the World trusts. They can't even get over an opening speech, let us get real, stop fooling yourself.

kibrisli TURK

12/11/2013 4:00:17 AM

Our poor GC southerly "friends" still dont understand there is no TC desire to be part of this so-called "union"...we will carry on as we are, independent, free & safe from Greek Church directed fundamentalist terrorism!!!

Nixar Osman

12/10/2013 9:17:56 PM

Peter Kypros, you are very generous regarding your criticism of Turkey. Tell me what did you Greeks promise to give in return for Turkey opening the city of Varoshia to the Greek Cypriots? Nothing, as per usual. You must have learned by now that you do not get anything just for asking, you must, in fact you have to, gibe something in return. Your promise, not that you made one, is not sufficient either, we have heard all that before, will never trust your promises again.

Chris Green

12/10/2013 8:00:41 PM

Mistrust is entirely and justifiably mutual for Turkish Cypriots cannot possibly trust either Athens nor south Nicosia and for entirely good reasons too. There is no justification for one-way gestures towards the 'defeated entity'. Both sides should come together, picking up from where others have left off and where common ground may have previously been established, this should be the platform for further talks. But whatever a pre-statement may say, no agreement will ever ensue from these talks

Peter Kypros

12/10/2013 5:18:19 PM

There is a high level of mistrust which mostly has to do with Turkey than the Turkish Cypriots many of which do not trust Turkey either. Turkey made no steps up to now to show that it can be trusted in any area. Opening the city of Varoshia that is under the control of Turkish military to the citizens of the city, something that many TCs also agree would have been a significant step and a big boost to trust and negotiations. Unfortunately a vague statement will help things start but will not go.
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