Culture tours to Assyrian trade colony

Culture tours to Assyrian trade colony

KAYSERİ - Doğan News Agency

Free culture tours organized under the title “Journey into history” and conducted within the 6,000 year old Assyrian trade colonies of Kültepe, Kaniş and Karum, will begin again on Sept. 1.

Tours first began July 7, but were stopped when Ramadan began. They are conducted by expert historians. During the tours, history and culture aficionadas will have the chance to get information about civilizations that date back thousands of years.

Tours will be held every Saturday until Sept. 22 with each tour featuring a short historical play by metropolitan municipality conservatory students.

Municipality officer Oktay Durukan, said that the Kültepe, Kaniş and Karum region in the central province of Kayseri was significant because it was the birthplace of writing in Anatolia.
For reservations, one can call the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs.