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Hürriyet Photo

Hürriyet Photo

A company that offers funeral services for foreigners in the Mediterranean province of Antalya has submitted a proposal to the local metropolitan municipality to construct a crematorium to process the remains of foreigners in the area, daily Hürriyet reported today.

"We have frequently had cremation requests in recent years. However, we send [bodies] to their countries because there is no possibility [of cremating them here]," said Murat Arslanoğlu, the chairman of the funeral company, Fempa. "I think Turkey will improve in subjects like tourism and human rights, if a crematory is opened. There are also demands from Turks but it is not enough."

According to the plan, which was designed in the United States, the crematorium will have the capacity of conducting three to four cremations per day. Natural gas or LPG will be used as fuel, while the bodies will be cremated at 850 degrees Celsius. There will also be monitoring rooms for families in the crematorium in addition to other cremation rooms.

The project, which is expected to cost 900,000 Turkish Liras, is currently being examined by the municipality, Hürriyet reported, citing daily Akşam as a source.

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın has previously said that a crematorium would be useful given the decreasing amount of space in the city’s cemeteries.


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Notice on comments

illawarrior hill

8/9/2012 11:30:35 AM

Think about how many billions of people are currently alive on this planet. Land is a scarce resource and should not be wasted on burying the dead. Cremation is the only sensible solution.


7/31/2012 8:55:30 PM

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...Regards

mara mcglothin

7/31/2012 5:54:05 PM

TEVFIK Yeah I already have burial insurance on my turkish husband because basically the only way to get him back to Turkey and meet the religious guidelines as well as federal regulations, I will have to FedEx him home. I would like to have my ashes scattered near the Ortakoy Mosque on the Bogaz, so I won't need the service in Turkey and can be hand carried by my surviving relatives. This would be a good thing in most countries, but I am not optimistic about this service in Turkey.

Tevfik Alp

7/31/2012 4:03:20 PM

Unfortunately, death may happen while visiting in Turkey, too. The cost of transporting a corpse from one country to another is enormous and international formalities are required. Also, cremation is a personal preference.

Ryan James

7/31/2012 3:24:16 PM

Sign me up

Adam Polk

7/31/2012 2:53:27 PM

Of course there is a demand for it Red Tail. I am surprised there is no place opened, offering this kind of service before.

Red Tail

7/31/2012 2:06:28 PM

Of course if there is a demand for it, one should be built. But the line mentioned sounds a bit funny "Turkey will improve in subjects like tourism". I do not know about your, dear readers, but the existance of a crematorium is not exactly at the top of my list of items I look at when deciding where to go on a holiday.
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