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A Turkish woman who killed and decapitated her rapist will not be permitted to abort the fetus that was conceived in the attack, a Turkish court has ruled.
The woman, Nevin Y., has repeatedly stated her to wish to abort the baby, but the court has denied her request on the grounds that that the fetus is now 29 weeks old.
Lawyers for the woman had requested that the fetus be aborted in line with a law that permits abortions up to the 20th week of pregnancy in the event that the child is conceived through rape.
The court, however, stated that Nevin Y. was 29 weeks pregnant, which exceeded any legal time limits that allowed abortions to take place.
The woman has reportedly said she is willing to die as long as she undergoes the abortion.
Nevin Y., a local in Isparta's Yalvaç district, made headlines recently when she severed the head of a man who had been raping her and blackmailing her for months, tossing it into the open in the village square.
She was arrested shortly after police forces detained her. She reportedly told villagers that the head was the "head of the one toying with [her] honor."
Web users around the world have responded strongly to the story with global media outlets reporting on the incident. 


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Notice on comments

Arnold Yesovitch

9/7/2012 7:33:00 PM

There are two options open at this time. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Have the baby and become the mother. As a man I cannot know the anguish of this woman. I am sorry for her but am thrilled she killed the piece of dirt that did this to her.

Adam Polk

9/7/2012 2:21:37 PM

keep the baby and be a hero

mara mcglothin

9/7/2012 2:19:06 PM

This fetus cannot survive outside of this woman's body at this point, so while an abortion might not be appropriate then a premature birth is in order. Castor oil in fairly large doses would bring on labor. Just a thought. I do believe this woman, if infact does deliver this child, then the media should follow her to the PM's house to deliver "one for the pious generation" Probably she would have been able to have an abortion if she had not been held up past the expiration date.

mistique holland

9/7/2012 1:16:02 PM

My heart goes out to this woman and her innocent baby. Such a sad story. Left alone an her agony....But 29 weeks pregnant is far along to have an abortion. It is a child, a life, an innocent life. Hope this baby will be welcomed by someone and has a good life and hope he/she will never find out what his/her father did..Wishfull thinking I guess!

B Medic

9/7/2012 11:11:54 AM

Another sad link in a sad chain of events. Has a medical examination been made? If yes, I understand the court's sentence as no country allows abortion after week 22. If no, it is another example of the severe incompetence that seems to be so frequent among Turkish judiciary.
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