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World Cerebral Palsy Day, on 4 September 2012, is a world first! 

It will change the lives of people with cerebral palsy (CP).  The theme for this unique day is 'Change my world in 1 minute'.

There are 17 million people around the world with cerebral palsy.  A further 350 million people are closely connected to a child or adult with CP.

This website is a forum for people with cerebral palsy to express what they need to make their life more independent or more rewarding. The website also gives people with CP the opportunity to make these ideas a reality.

From Wednesday 1 August, people with cerebral palsy, their family and friends can post ideas about how they want to improve the quality of life of people with CP. These ideascould affect any aspect of a person’s life such as their mobility, independence, accessibility, communication or social connection. Post your ideas online as text or video.  Each idea must only take 1 minute to read or watch.

From Tuesday 4 September, World CP Day, everyone can go online to review the ideas and vote for the ones that will have the greatest impact on people’s lives. At the end of September, the World Cerebral Palsy Day Panel will review your votes and select the best ideas

These products will be launched by next World Cerebral Palsy Day, 3 September 2013.

You may find further details on: http://www.worldcpday.org/


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