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    Diet and nutrition Dr. Betül Sanrı from Istanbul University’s Çapa School of Medicine Hospital told the Hürriyet Daily News that low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets cause a loss of efficiency, because this type of diet requires the body to get most of the energy it needs from fats. “A great majority of these fats are what we call invisible fats; therefore, even if we are very strict about the rules of the diet we still run the risk of consuming excessive fat. Excessive fat intake causes more rapid weight gain than excessive consumption of carbohydrates,” she said.

    Dr. Ahmet Ak of the Bağcılar Research Hospital said that despite the popular belief that the consumption of low-carbohydrate foods prevents insulin release and weight gain, several studies done since the 1990s have shown that the amount of weight loss does not differ between patients who eat low-carbohydrate diets and those who eat diets that include carbohydrates, although it is true that insulin levels in the two types of patients differ drastically.


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