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FETHİYE, Muğla - Doğan News Agency (DHA)

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Patricia Florence Daisy Davis (L). DHA photo

Patricia Florence Daisy Davis (L). DHA photo

Patricia Florence Daisy Davis, a 67-year-old British resident of Fethiye, has been buried in the Mediterranean district in accordance with her will.
The Briton was laid to rest in a joint religious ceremony that featured a Christian priest and a Muslim imam. 
Davis reportedly came to Fethiye for a vacation 14 years ago when she was working in the fashion industry in the English city of Cambridge. She loved the coastal town and moved to Fethiye's Çalış vicinity with her husband, Bob Davis. 
Davis was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009 and told her husband of 47 years that she wished to be buried in Fethiye after she died. Davis was laid to rest today at Fethiye's Çatalarık cemetery after passing away on June 22. Her friends and relatives from Britain, as well as her British and Turkish neighbors, attended the funeral. British priest David Groom led the funeral, while imam Ramazan Boztaş also helped perform the last rites for Davis.
Bob Davis spoke at the funeral, saying: "My wife Pat felt very lucky in Turkey. She found it amazing to live in such a beautiful country among such kind people. Our British and Turkish neighbors used to call her 'Mama.'"


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