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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Two pairs of boots belonging to the missing pilots of a downed Turkish jet have been found, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said during a meeting with opposition leaders.
The prime minister showed the photos of the boots to opposition leaders during the meeting, daily Hürriyet reported.
There were no signs of any parachutes, and the pilots may not have used their ejection seats, according the information given by the prime minister.
Turkish naval and air forces have been attempting to locate Capt. Gökhan Ertan and Lt. Hüseyin Aksoy since their jet was hit by Syrian forces in international waters on June 22.

A vessel equipped with the technology necessary to conduct a more detailed search of the area has already been dispatched to the area to assist ongoing efforts by Turkish and Syrian coastguard boats.


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Notice on comments

Arthur Borges

6/25/2012 8:52:44 PM

According to Foreign Minister Dr. Jihad Makdessi, it would appear the F-4 was taken down by a ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft artillery system given that it has a range of 2.5km and 23mm cannon, although he refers to firing "23.57 rounds". Interestingly, he adds: "the wreckage (was) found by the Syrian authorities and delivered to the Turkish side with an official record shows holes in the tail-end of the plane which confirm that it was shot down by a ground-based machinegun, not missiles." Go figure.

ilker avni

6/25/2012 6:29:37 PM

Assad gave the word NOW ERDOGAN will have the last word.If the Turkish plane was flying low the pilots didnt have the height or the time to eject from the plane.The pilots are either with the plane, or they have been held by Assad forces,or even with Hezbollah as hostages.We will soon know when the plane is recovered,then you will see Turkey mobilise her VERY LARGE ARMY. More and more defections from his army, then a final collapse.Assad has booked a villa in SIBERIA for his retirement...

Tamer Aslantas

6/25/2012 4:59:32 PM

Even though you don't just shoot down planes without giving a warning. That's not the way it's supposed to be, we know cause we watch tv man! @ilker avni I'm there witcha!

US Observer

6/25/2012 2:47:27 PM

Military issue, specifically worn by Turkish pilots? Is everything a lie or conspireacy? The boots may have been in a surivial pack which was seperated from the pilots. There are a number of things that could of happened...

ilker avni

6/25/2012 2:42:27 PM

The European News Channel report that the pilots were safe after they were picked up and were safe in Lebanon.Conflicting reports.The deaths of the pilots puts a diffrent look on the situation,the plane can allways be replaced.Now its about Turkeys Honour.Time for the Mehmets to shine they boots and sharpen up the baynets the Turks are coming,.Syria will be ours again and then Iraq. Time for the Mehmets to make they presence fellt around the Middle east and restore some Order in our backyard.

Sifis Petac

6/25/2012 2:31:03 PM

I agree with Rimon..How they knew that these boots belongs to the pilots. They are obviously lying and playing communicative games.

Rimon Tree

6/25/2012 12:35:20 PM

It's getting more and more mysterious. Where were the boots found? Who found it? Why only the boots? How do they know it were the boots of the pilots? What dark game is going on here?

Eric Martin

6/25/2012 12:22:46 PM

It's over for Assad.

john albay

6/25/2012 12:16:55 PM

May the souls of these 2 heros rest in peace and thank you for your services to Turkey and its people you will never be forgotten.
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