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Sarai Sierra had been on vacation alone in Turkey since Jan. 7. Sierra's family last made contact with her on Jan. 21.

Sarai Sierra had been on vacation alone in Turkey since Jan. 7. Sierra's family last made contact with her on Jan. 21.

Erdem Güneş Erdem Güneş erdem.gunes@hdn.com.tr

The body of a missing American woman in her thirties was discovered near the city walls in the Sarayburnu district of Istanbul earlier today, while security forces detained at least 10 people as part of an investigation into the case.

Sarai Sierra had been missing since Jan. 21. Senior police sources said it looked as if she was stabbed to death in the abdomen, and the body has been sent to the local forensics department for an autopsy. The victim's clothing, an extra pair of shoes she was carrying, bottles of alcohol and a broken piece of glass found at the crime scene were all sent to the Istanbul police department for further examination.

Private broadcaster NTV reported that police also found Sierra’s drivers license next to the body, but the Hürriyet Daily News was unable to confirm the report with the police.

Police forces were immediately
dispatched to the crime scene.

Sierra's family last made contact with her on Jan. 21, the day before she was supposed to fly back to the United States. The 33-year-old mother of two had been on vacation alone in Turkey since Jan. 7.

Daily Sabah reported earlier that police believed there might have been a good chance Sierra was still alive, after discovering that her U.S. phone had been activated twice since she was reported missing. 

A call was reportedly made using a Skype application on Sierra's U.S. phone on Jan. 30, nine days after she was reported missing. The phone was turned on once again, daily Sabah reported.

Body of missing US woman found in Istanbul

Body of missing US woman found in Istanbul


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

2/3/2013 11:08:33 PM

Yeah TRUE TURK Turkey is like everywhere else. There are good people and there are nutjobs. Turkish people are great, so don't be so hard on yourself.


2/3/2013 5:34:23 PM

@True Turk. The murder someone commited here is by no means a reflection of Turkey's mindset. The very fact of how you feel about this is a verification of the latter. There is an old adage which states that every apple tree has a few rotten apples on it. Therefore, take heart, take it easy and don't stress out about this. Turks are good people... Regards

Not Here

2/3/2013 1:02:51 PM

In the face of this terrible tradegy, i appeal to everyone to not make this about Turkey, or muslims, or anything other than a senseless murder of a tourist in a place that should have been safe, but was not. Those of us living in Istanbul know that it is not so safe, especially if you're naive to the potential dangers and maybe too adventurous. True, it could have happened anywhere, but it happened here in Istanbul, and we don't like it. R.I.P. Sarai Sierra. My heart goes out to your loved ones

lara ulusoy

2/3/2013 12:59:38 PM

True Turk: I would still stick to my True Turkishness despite this murder.Much much worse murders happen all over the world such as the States or many others, shooting small children, slaughtering adults by serial killers and the list is endless, but the citizens of such countries condemn the act itself but they remain proud of their countries. It is a shame to see a Turk ashamed of his country. Very sad. Turkey is loved by everybody apart from certain Turks. Don't be ashamed of your home!

Nageyec Conduz

2/3/2013 12:55:31 PM

I don't count my self as an extremist. But I hope the perpetrators are caught and put them on a frying pan, until they all fry like a burger. Having said this, Siera, a mother and wife, her trip to Europe is full of mysteries, which could have possibly contributed to her sad end.

Kubilay Aren

2/3/2013 9:12:21 AM

Something is fishy about her visit to Istanbul in this season of the year. Her itinerary includes back and forth trip to Western Europe where she spent over 10 thousands dollars. I believe that her actual purpose of visiting Turkey will be revealed soon.

Jim Phipps

2/3/2013 2:17:15 AM

Realistically in many Muslim countries, women anywhere will find the environment hazardous. I have female friends in Egypt and Morocco who are afraid to go out alone after dark. Has Turkey ended up the same as these North African nations? The women of Turkey and of course America deserve to be safe at night and alone. If the police are incapable of doing this than the future of Turkey is bleak.

True Turk

2/2/2013 10:36:33 PM

She was stabbed to death for what? A few dollars? In order to satisfy the filthy perverted appetite of a rapist? Am I proud to be Turkish right now? No, I'm hanging my head in shame. We don't deserve tourists in Turkey! Some call us barbarians. At times I think we deserve that description.

mesude salihli

2/2/2013 9:23:41 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if this murder turns out to be committed to take her cell phone. People are obsessed with fancy expensive cell phones in Turkey.

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

2/2/2013 8:54:28 PM

Now prosecutors are facing a dilemma: Ergenekon or Sledgehammer.
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