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This year Trabzon’s Femin-Art 6th International Paintings Festival is hosting a total of 100 female artists from 26 different countries in the world

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Femin Art festival was ushered in with a horon dance, a traditional dance from Trabzon and the Black Sea region. DHA photo

Femin Art festival was ushered in with a horon dance, a traditional dance from Trabzon and the Black Sea region. DHA photo

The Black Sea province of Trabzon is welcoming women from dozens of countries for a week of art as part of the sixth International Paintings Festival, which is organized by the Femin & Art Association.

“Our primary aim is to bring women together and increase their confidence, while also giving a message to Turkish society,” said Femin & Art International Women Artists’ Association President Şükran Üst at an opening for the event.

The festival was ushered in with a horon dance, a traditional dance from Trabzon and the Black Sea region.

Female artists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Japan, France, Russia and Lebanon, as well as 20 other countries, are all in Trabzon for the festival.

Speaking at the opening, Üst said the festival’s motto this year was “The colors of the world will not fade.” All the artists coming to Trabzon will feel as if they are at home, she said.

“Art and artists are the most important things in terms of enlightening society. We will try to spread our voices to the world while staying away from violence as we aim to spread peace,” said Üst, adding that art could develop societies and contribute to civilization.

“When there is freedom and peace, societies can develop with their own dynamics,” she said.

The festival will continue until July 10.

Femin-art is an association that encourages women to take their place in art. The association was created six years ago and features six branches in Turkey. The group brings together female artists to participate in national and international art activities and works with international organizations in order to present female Turkish artists to the world. Different artistic disciplines are represented in the association such as literature, painting, caricature portrayals and photography.

Üst said they established the organization in 2007 with five women, but the association now boasts more than 250 women.

The association presented women in 57 international and national events while also exhibiting works created by Turkish women and organizing panels and symposiums.

Femin & Art has also participated in a number of international art activities. Women’s involvement in art activities is important for future generations, said Üst.

“When women are educated, the development of countries gets faster,” she said, noting that the women who work in the association have the opportunity to change their views about the world. “We can say the same things for women who are interested in art.”

While establishing the organization, Üst and her friends thought the title needed to be meaningful in the international art scene. “That’s why we chose a title using the words ‘Femin and art.’”

Even though traditional art such as painting is more popular with members, the organization also pursues activities in music and theater. “We are trying to be active in every kind of art.”

Peace and art

Earlier The Femin-Art Female Artists Association brought together 300 artists from Turkey and around the world to open joint exhibits in 15 Turkish provinces in an effort to highlight and contribute to world peace.

“We are living among wars currently and that’s why we need to contribute to peace. We will gather artists via social media and Internet channels,” Üst, said, adding that those involved hoped to contribute to world peace through artistic means.

The festival is being supported by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Trabzon Gov. Recep Kızılcık and Trabzon Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu.


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