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The storm of controversy over the Kurdish issue picks up speed after reports emerge showing the BDP chatting with PKK militants in eastern Hakkari province

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Six armed PKK militants stopped the BDP lawmakers on Aug 17 outside Şemdinli. DHA photo

Six armed PKK militants stopped the BDP lawmakers on Aug 17 outside Şemdinli. DHA photo

A legal investigation has been launched into a video showing the meeting of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies and outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants in the southeastern province of Hakkari’s Şemdinli district.

The BDP lawmakers told reporters that the meeting was a chance encounter; however, the Van public prosecutor launched an investigation into the meeting on the grounds that it may have been planned in advance. Speaking to reporters in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district, Kışanak played down the legal investigation as “useless.” “The Kurdish question could be resolved with justice, conscience and democracy. When we speak and meet with the people, they bring a lawsuit. They are making efforts to sidetrack the Kurdish issue in courtrooms. But this is not a remedy. This country needs a true, certain and sincere solution,” Kışanak said.

Independent deputy Aysel Tuğluk, who was elected with the support of the BDP, said there was nothing illegal about their meeting with the PKK militants.

“We encountered a very natural and real situation. If they are not aware of that, this is their problem. We are happy about that encounter. Lending an ear to how they fight a struggle under what conditions was very important and meaningful for us, at least. For this reason they can launch as many investigations as they want,” Tuğluk told reporters.


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dogan kemal ileri

8/20/2012 8:37:12 PM

Arrest these terrorist sympathisers,strip of their parliamentary immunity,try them as the common criminals which they are and exile them immediately having stripped them of their Turkish nationality which they have defiled.AKP government are you listening? You must act decisvely now or the matter can grow even more dangerous.

kerem atan

8/20/2012 8:20:09 PM

weve got fed up of seeing the deputies of Pkk in the turkish parliament.everybody knew beforehand bdp were linked with pkk. but this video sums it all up.after seeing the video i put myself in the place of our martyrys' relatives. watching such scenes should be more saddening for them on the eve of feast days.i hope bdp members will be prosecuted for their insolent behaviours.the kurdish issue cant be solved by embracing the terrorists.

Pete Shield

8/20/2012 7:55:26 PM

How long has Turkey been prosecuting Kurdish elected officials, has it worked? Have the issues that they are elected by their constituents to raise at a national level been dealt with? Wouldn't it be sensible to look at how the British have dealt with the situation in Northern Ireland, and the Spanish in the Basque country and see how they effectively separated out democratic process from the armed conflict. Certainly it is a difficult process for both sides, but the end result is surely worth

Mehmet Turk

8/20/2012 7:16:54 PM

This is what happens when peasants are allowed to vote in goat farmers into parliament


8/20/2012 4:50:58 PM

BDP has lost all chance becoming part of a solution, now they ARE the problem! In another country they would be sent to rot in Gitmo.


8/20/2012 4:48:21 PM

Incredible really. Where else in the world this could happen? What I want to know is if they had some strong coffee together afterwards, did Aysel hanim make the coffe and afterwards read their fortunes?

ozgur kaya

8/20/2012 1:33:10 PM

The only difference between BDP and PKK is that the one carries on a directly armed fight against the state, while the other takes advantage of the facilities of the state. As the new rising Islamic middle class of Turkey, AKP is having a terrible exam for the Kurdish question. The patriotic and religious feelings of the ordinary people are being transformed into the lucrative political-economical invesments without any mercy.

american american

8/20/2012 12:01:16 PM

weren't other parties secretly meeting with the pkk til they were outed?

Rebwar Rashed

8/20/2012 11:23:52 AM

Kindly Excuse me. I wrote very quickly. I meant "sovereign" and not "savaging". Using words like "treason", "terrorists", "traitors" etc doesn’t help Turkey’s problem. As any Turkish person who feels good to be a Turk, there are Kurdish people who feel good to be a Kurd and want his/ her national and democratic rights. What is wrong with that? Let’s help people live in peace and dignity and not push them into death!

Rebwar Rashed

8/20/2012 10:33:52 AM

There is BDP who thinks of Turkey and would like to solve the Kurdish question, and there are others, like the AKP, who make business on Turkish people and doesn’t give a damn about Turkish blood. Let’s solve the Kurdish issue now and live as two savaging nations side by side in peace and harmony.
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