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Turkey does not know what genocide is,
says EU Minister Egemen Bağış.

Turkey does not know what genocide is, says EU Minister Egemen Bağış.

Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bağış has strongly criticized the introduction of the alleged Armenian genocide to French history textbooks.

Bağış called on the French, who take great pride in their state founded on the worthy precepts of “liberté, égalité, et fraternité” (liberty, equality and fraternity), to reexamine their understanding of their own national motto. “I hope they will soon realize this mistake and correct it,” he said, while delivering a speech at a meeting arranged by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

“Turkey does not know what genocide is. Turkey knows the phrase ‘peace at home, peace in the world,’ as the founder of our republic, [Mustafa Kemal] Atatürk said. We try to provide peace all around the world; we try to give love,” Bağış said.

“There was no colonial system in the places where we had been before,” he said, in an apparent reference to France’s colonial past. “There had always been prosperity and tolerance the places that we went. Instead of putting these absurd things in the textbooks, they should examine their understanding of ‘liberté, égalité, and fraternité.’ We recommend that the OSCE [the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] end the tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We hope they [can stop focusing on] elections and focus on issues affecting future generations as soon as possible. We hope that Turkey will be a means for the European Union to get out of the mental abyss it has fallen into.”


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Notice on comments

ilker avni

8/28/2012 9:51:00 PM

The British goverment at the time didnt think it was genicide. Thats on record.Mr Bagis loves teasing the EU,knowing full well Turkey will never join as full member,he allso knows the EU is relying on Turkey for its energy needs.The EU needs Turkey and Turkey needs the EU.Without Turkey the EU is at the mercy of the Russians.Turkey the loyal servant of the Europeans ,are still guarding the EU tent,against the same old enemy.even after the cold war ended,or has it?.

Murun Buchstansangur

8/28/2012 9:41:54 PM

The picture here of Bagis is obviously when he was participating at the karaoke session at the end of the last AKP conference. Can anyone here suggest what song he was singing?

Aslam Benli

8/28/2012 5:49:32 PM

Sorry, I forgot to say that the imams of the AKP and Sultan Erdogan have found the way to turn all countries surrounding us into enemies. Peace at Home, Peace at the World (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk).

Aslam Benli

8/28/2012 5:45:56 PM

This is strange, since the imams of the AKP and Sultan Erdogan do not believe in "liberty, equality and fraternity", they are putting in jail anybody that dares to criticize them...


8/28/2012 5:20:48 PM

This is not the first or last time falsehoods were propagated through textbooks. Nazis were really good at it so are Japanese, Koreans, Russians and Chinese etc. Facts will remain facts of course. Turks should worry about their country, their well being and their quality of life. Also include in Turkish textbooks a detailed history of Legion Armenique.


8/28/2012 5:16:41 PM

Pearls from our minister of never-EU! Though they make sense, does not sound credible coming from a partizan like him. This is what happens when raise a chayci to cabinet level.

Salih Salih

8/28/2012 4:51:13 PM

@ Jobs Jon, I see the high moral values in Turkey every day, with honour killings, wife battering, child brides being bought and sold, and the latest with 34 men accused of the rape of a 13 year old! Moral standards indeed! I love my country, but some of my countrymen leave too much to be desired! The esteemed EU minister, might consider "peace at home" first before lecturing others on their foriegn and domestic policy!

Mark Mark

8/28/2012 4:15:53 PM

@john albay - think of how many jobs will be lost in Turkey if French companies pull out, think of how many jobs will be lost in Turkey and how ruined their economy would be if the EU decided to rip up the Customs Union and slap tariffs on Turkish made goods? How would the Turkish economy look then?


8/28/2012 3:18:09 PM

So Bağış and his boss will expect AKP deputy Ali Boğa to have his grandchild removed from the French School in Istanbul? After all, its curriculum is regulated by French authorities. No? I thought not. More hot air, nonsense and hypocrisy from the AKP.

Jobs jon

8/28/2012 3:11:04 PM

Bagis is a politician and speaks little truth compare to his counterparts in the EU who are habitual to tell bigger lies and make their ouwn public a fool. The EU is an occupied place but Turkey is still free and has greater moral valaues. Tell me where do you see moreal values in many countries in the EU. They are a lost society, can not find a way out yet they (EU) do not want to know the truth because they can not handle it, they worship the creatures and not the creator. Long live TURKEY!!!!
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