RELIGION > Austrian Turks accuse Lego of racism in Star Wars set


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"Jabba's Palace" based on the series of Star Wars films. HANDOUT PHOTO

"Jabba's Palace" based on the series of Star Wars films. HANDOUT PHOTO

Austria's Turkish community has accused Lego of racism, after a recent set featuring the palace of Star Wars' evil character Jabba the Hutt was based on Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum, U.K. daily The Telegraph has reported.

The Turkish Cultural Community of Austria released a statement claiming that Lego labels Asians and Orientals as "deceitful and criminal personalities," and called on the company to apologize for affronting religious and cultural feelings.

The statement also suggests that Jabba's home in the set resembles the Hagia Sophia with it's dome and watchtower.

Jabba the Hutt, a large, slug-like alien, is a fictional character appearing in George Lucas's Star Wars films as a crime boss.

Hagia Sophia, is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

1/28/2013 8:26:33 PM

Now I wonder who will be suing Lego because Jabba likes like someone in particular.

Ozgur Erhan

1/24/2013 10:16:51 PM

Uh, I though that the museum was called Ayasofya -- or in English in England Santa Sophia. You'll be talking about Greek coffee next.

Diren Sesel

1/24/2013 8:10:29 PM

this is funny indeed

Brit in Turkey

1/24/2013 6:53:29 PM

Good publicity for Lego.

american american

1/24/2013 3:19:13 PM

shouldn't austrian greeks have the claim to make this claim?

Faruk Beisser

1/24/2013 10:42:10 AM

The mentally deranged are at it again! It's always astonishing how Austrians manage to always become the prime joke in Europe.
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