AMERICAS > At least 12 killed, 40 wounded in shooting at 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere

AURORA, Colorado

Police were trying to disarm a flammable or explosive device at the apartment ...

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People gather outside the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, Colo., at the scene of a mass shooting early Friday morning, July 20, 2012.  AP photo

People gather outside the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, Colo., at the scene of a mass shooting early Friday morning, July 20, 2012. AP photo

Police were trying to disarm a flammable or explosive device at the apartment of a man suspected of killing at least 12 people and wounding around 50 at a movie theater showing the latest Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises," Reuters reported.

Explosives appeared "very sophisticated" and police could be at the scene "for hours or days," Aurora police chief said.

The police department in the town of Aurora, Colorado, where the shooting took place, said there were "approximately 50 victims with at least 12 confirmed dead." Police had earlier put the toll at 14 dead with around 50 wounded.

U.S. law enforcement officials say the suspect in Friday’s deadly shooting in Colorado is 24-year-old citizen James Holmes. Holmes reportedly told the police there were explosives in his apartment after his arrest. Police have found his apartment to be booby-trapped and were trying to figure out how to disarm the explosives. 
Officials believe Holmes killed a dozen people when he fired into a crowded movie theater in a Denver suburb. He was wearing a gas mask and set off an unknown gas in the theater.
Holmes is in custody, and the FBI says there is no indication the incident is tied to any terrorist groups.
The federal law enforcement officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation

"APD Chief Oates will be addressing the media at 3:15 a.m. at the east entrance of the Dillards on the upper level," Aurora police department Tweeted on microblogging site Twitter. 

A masked gunman shot dead 14 people and wounded 50 others at a showing of new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" at a movie theater in the U.S. city of Denver, local radio station KOA reported today, citing witnesses.

The radio station said a figure in a gas mask had opened fire at the showing in a mall in the suburb of Aurora and set off a smoke or tear gas bomb. It said initial police estimates were of 30-40 injured, according to Reuters.

According to witnesses, the shooter kicked in the emergency exit door in theater 9, threw some sort of disorienting smoke bombs and started shooting, local reports said. 

At least 50 people were injured after the shooting, NBC News reported today. University Hospital confirmed to 9NEWS the youngest patient they have in their care was 3 months old. That baby's condition is unknown at the time.
The shooting occurred during a screening of the film "the Dark Knight Rises" at the Century 16 movie theater, the report said.

One suspect was taken under custody, although police did not know if there were other shooters. A bomb squad was also sent to the movie theater.
The injured were sent to three separate hospitals.

Obama 'shocked, saddened' over cinema shooting

WASHINGTON - Agence France-Presse 

US President Barack Obama said he was "shocked and saddened" by the mass shooting at a Denver-area cinema early Friday in which at least 14 people were killed and 50 wounded.

"Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado," he said in a statement, adding that federal and local law enforcement were still responding to the incident.

Fatal shooting at US movie theater


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Notice on comments

turkic voice

7/22/2012 11:28:00 AM

is not america easy on the gun laws so people can feel safe and protected against this type of thing? i hope you still feel safe. i say only military and poice should bare arms the rest should reach for the phone. these outcomes must be prevented all over the world.

B Medic

7/20/2012 10:10:50 PM

@Tamer, Well, 3 years ago, two citizens of the Turkish Republic in a village near Mardin in South-Eastern Turkey took their machine guns and went to an engagement party. There they shot 44 people dead. Many of the victims were women and children. Do not dare to say that these events only happen in America. There are mad people everywhere.

mara mcglothin

7/20/2012 8:14:21 PM

The reports are coming in that the man was mentalily ill, so TAMER He didn't kill for no reason, he killed because he was crazy. There are nutjobs in all societies. Also as a rule we don't kill our sisters because they have dishonored the family, or as you say "an eye for an eye". American's are pretty thick skinned and can take some criticism or abuse without feeling the need for retribution or revenge. Pride and honor are not always our major concerns.

american american

7/20/2012 7:30:46 PM

so it would have been ok if he was going for a wife that was going to divorce him?

Tekion Particle

7/20/2012 6:32:43 PM

America, what a country. Anyone can purchase bullet proof west, teargas canisters and weapons of choice without being asked any questions and arousing suspicions. How can the gun lobbyists be more powerful then the elected bodies that run the country. Right to bear arms! for what purpose? Frankly, I am surprised that the nuclear weapons are not on sale yet. My thoughts are with the friends and family of the victims, also wish a speedy recovery for those who were lucky enough to survive it.

US Observer

7/20/2012 4:11:59 PM

Sad to say but it's not "only in America". We have more than our fair share of idiots though.

Tamer Aslantas

7/20/2012 3:54:17 PM

Only in America! They don't kill for revenge or how do you say 'an eye for an eye'. They kill just for the fun of it! Horrible!
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