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Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has given almost unconditional support to the police, adding that the remaining protests will be suppressed immediately by the police. DHA photo

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has given almost unconditional support to the police, adding that the remaining protests will be suppressed immediately by the police. DHA photo

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has given almost unconditional support to the police, while affirming that environmentalist protests have ended and the remaining protests will be suppressed immediately by the police. He added that if the police do not suffice, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) could take on the responsibility.

“What is required of us is to stop it if there is a protest against the law. There is the police, if that's not enough there's the gendarmerie, if that's not enough there is the TSK. These authorities exist in the laws,” Arınç said today in a televised interview.

“They [the police] will use all the authority given to them. Nobody should complain about the police,” Arınç said in a live show on A Haber new channel, while claiming that those who criticize the police are the ones who vandalize cities.

“Demonstrations have gone out of a Gezi protest. They have gone out of being legal. These can continue on the streets, in districts. They will be immediately suppressed and legal process will be commenced about those responsible. I think the innocent demonstrations that began 20 days ago have completely ended,” Arınç said, hinting at yet more police intervention.

I have not called military for support: Interior minister

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Muammer Güler said the military had not yet been called to help end the 20-day-long street protests in Turkey.

“I have not called on the military for support,” he said.

The minister was responding to a question about gendarmerie support of police forces during the protests. Technically, the gendarmerie operates under the Interior Ministry, unlike the rest of the military forces.

Güler also said that using the gendarmerie in such instances was "quite normal."


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Notice on comments


6/18/2013 10:28:42 AM

I like gangster movie but since may 31 I stopped watching it as I can see real gangs in turkey no need to watch movie anymore

Red Tail

6/18/2013 9:11:50 AM

Yesterday the entire world could read in their own news channels that "Protesters will be treated as terrorists" and today they can read "We will send in the Army against protesters". These comments have been made by leading ministers in the Government and have an enormously damaging effect on Turkeys image abroad. It is very sad to see. It takes years to improve image, but just a couple of days to ruin.

Ata Dizdar

6/18/2013 6:47:23 AM

What usually would happen, is the military would intervene and execute a coup to get rid of the AKP. It may not be long now until that happens. For those who reference 1980, that was the coup that wasn't needed, but the 1960 coup was needed. It's only a matter of time.


6/18/2013 5:55:37 AM

They would never get the military involved as they know that the TSK's duty is to the Turkish people and ultimately, The Republic... which the AKP are systematically destroying. Erdogan has imprisoned our top Generals to prevent a military coup yet such a call would only serve to see the end of the AKP and most probably those Generals, freed. If it were the old days Erdogan would surely be hanged side by side with the terrorist baby killer, Apo. Actually yes, bring in the military... I dare you

young genius

6/18/2013 4:04:28 AM

NOBODY in Türkiye would support having the military in the street.

Crushing the Tulips in Gezi Park

6/18/2013 3:40:43 AM

You, the Turkish government, may shoot your citizens with bullets and poison the lungs of your people and city with chemical and tear gas. You may seek to ban social media and try to turn the morning “tweets” of the beautiful twitter bird to the bleats of obedient sheep. You may turn freedom of speech to cyber-crime and pay people to protest in your favour for the world’s tv media. But in the end you, the Turkish government, can only win by joining common sense.

Anita Asar

6/17/2013 9:42:39 PM

Can't stop laughing! AKP put all the army people in prison and then may need their help!

Paul Harmon

6/17/2013 9:30:42 PM

Erdogan is now Assad, threatening to turn Turkey's military on its own people. He uses his religion and the people's resources to support only himself. I fear for the brave and wonderful people of Turkey. Do they have a choice but to reach into their hearts and souls for the courage to fight for the Republic? Otherwise it may be gone. The democracy Erdogan describes is only in his imagination.

Geir Fugleberg

6/17/2013 9:27:38 PM

Mr Kanat,I feel like you,but unfortunately the historical counsciousness of Mr Avrage 1000 TL Man is miniscule in Turkey,paticularly among Mr Es core suporters.Evrybody should turn to yesterdays pictures of the Istanbul metro and the hundreds of busses to see who the core supporters are.Mr E is performing to the most primitive parts of turkish society and they hate those who perceive themself as free individuals. Mr E is encouraging this hatred,and its a good tactic!!!!

mara mcglothin

6/17/2013 9:27:14 PM

CEZER They were against many things, UNTIL the shoe was on the other foot and the past laws of Turkey is serving them sooo well these days. They should have gotten rid of the Penal Code first thing until RTE discovered he enjoyed imprisoning people on a whim and suing for "honor" and "balsphemy" and then the old laws looked a bit different.
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