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The headless and dressed female statue dates back  to the Hellenistic period. DHA Photo

The headless and dressed female statue dates back to the Hellenistic period. DHA Photo

A 2,500-year-old statue of a woman from the late Hellenistic period has been unearthed during the excavations at the Metropolis ancient city in İzmir’s Torbalı district.

According to a written statement made by the Sabancı Foundation, new artifacts are being unearthed during the excavation of the ancient city, which has been ongoing for 22 years as part of a collaboration between the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Trakya University, the Metropolis Association, the Torbalı Municipality and sponsored by the Sabancı Foundation.

The head of the excavations, Trakya University Archaeology Department Associate Professor Serdar Aynek, said the headless, dressed, female statue was found buried in the city wall and that the statue reflected the richness and magnificence of the late Hellenistic period in its 2-meter length.

Aybek said that many statues found around the city walls during the excavations had been sent to the İzmir Museum.

Sabancı Foundation General Director Zerrin Koyunsağan said the statue might be a woman who managed the ancient city. “I think that thousands of years ago women had significant roles in society and city management. At the Sabancı Foundation, we are carrying out projects on the issue of social gender in Turkey. This is why this female managerial statue that connects with the work of our society is meaningful for us,” she said.


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Notice on comments

Vangelis Denaxas

11/28/2012 8:09:14 PM

Asia Minor is one of the most historical places on earth with so many important artifacts from all eras and many civilizations like Hittites, Lydes, Carians, Pontians, later Greeks, Persians, Romans, Armenians, Byzantines, Ottomans e.t.c. It is like a huge open museum.


11/22/2012 6:49:35 PM

This is why i love Turkiye, so rich culture. From Roman culture all the way to Ottoman.


11/22/2012 6:24:18 PM

Anatolia is a such a special pace and we are so privileged.

Stefanos Kalogirou

11/21/2012 8:15:16 PM

I 'm surprised that Turkish archaeologists found a Hellenistic (Greek) statue and not a "roman" one. @Irlanda what turkish history has to do with Hellenistic period? you meant to say Anatolia has a rich a history I suppose.

Sid Mark

11/21/2012 4:06:43 PM

constantinos.You expect too much from vikings.

constantinos kio

11/21/2012 3:29:45 PM

@irlanda . where you see the turkish history before 2500 ? for sure was marsians . and for sure not greeks who made it

Brian Irlanda

11/21/2012 1:13:11 PM

Pity she lost her head. Maybe they will find it later. Turkish history is so rich in history. Amazing to see all these civilisations being uncovered. I often wonder what archaeologists will uncover about us in 2,500 years. Maybe fossilised iPads, ancient flat screen tvs, statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?? :-)
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