Yıldırım vowed to ensure efficient parliament for new system

Yıldırım vowed to ensure efficient parliament for new system


Parliament’s Speaker Binali Yıldırım vowed to lead the parliament efficiently for the accomplishment of the new executive presidential system as he has visited Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s mausoleum in Ankara.

“We will put any effort on our part as the Turkey’s Grand National Assembly to ensure the successful working of the new system officially established with the elections,” Yıldırım wrote on “Anıtkabir’s Memorial Notebook” on July 17.

Elected by lawmakers as parliament’s 27th speaker on July 12, the former prime minister paid a visit to Anıtkabir along with the chairmanship council of the new parliament, Ankara metropolitan mayor Mustafa Tuna and governor Ercan Topaca on July 17.

After their visit to the tomb, Yıldırım penned a note in Anıtkabir’s notebook, hailing Atatürk’s heritage of “bringing Turkey above the level of contemporary civilizations.”

Underlining that the system change stipulated by the constitutional amendment was effective after the June 24 elections, Yıldırım said the parliament would work for the efficient implementation of the new system.

“We will work with full force for our nation’s peace and prosperity, our country’s unity, to develop the rights and freedoms primarily on the subject of efficient legislation and supervision,” he wrote.