Turks in Germany demand action against racism

Turks in Germany demand action against racism

BERLIN – Anadolu Agency

Germany’s Turkish community has called for urgent action to combat increasing racism, intolerance and discrimination in the country.   

“We are in a worrying situation today with verbal and physical attacks becoming part of everyday life,” Turkish immigrant organization TBB said in a statement marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. 

The organization slammed far-right politicians for spreading hate against immigrants, refugees, Muslims and Jews in the country and called on the government and democratic political parties to step up efforts against racism and xenophobia.

“We need more effective protection against racism which must be ensured by relevant legislation,” it said.  

Far-right violence

German police recorded 19,105 far-right crimes in 2018, according to the latest government figures.

Far-right extremists carried out some 1,072 violent attacks against foreigners, immigrants or political rivals.

At least 498 people were injured in the attacks inspired by far-right ideologies.  

Anti-Muslim attacks and incidents of abuse remain a serious problem for Germany.

The police recorded 578 hate crimes against Muslims between January and September last year, according to the most recent official figures.

At least 40 Muslims were injured in the attacks, which were mostly carried out by far-right extremists.

Anti-Muslim crimes recorded by the police included insults, threatening letters, physical assaults and attacks against mosques.

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