Turkish woman to remain in jail despite pleas after killing abusive husband

Turkish woman to remain in jail despite pleas after killing abusive husband

Aziz Özen - ISTANBUL

A court ruled for the continued arrest of a Turkish woman on July 23, for reportedly killing her abusive husband on April 7, despite her mother-in-law and father-in-law’s request for her acquittal.

Betül Filiz, 34, appeared before the judge for the first time in the murder trial at Istanbul’s Anadolu Sixth Heavy Penal Court on July 23.

Her husband, Sedat Filiz, had beat her and had put a leash on their daughter after she lost their dog.

“My husband beat me and our five kids. One day, he brought a pit bull home. Our 14-year-old daughter went out with the dog, but it escaped and was hit by a car. To punish her, my husband put the leash on our daughter and walked her in the street,” Filiz told the judge when giving examples of the man’s violent acts.

“He also beat our son with his belt after pouring cold water on him,” she said.

The suspect then explained how the man was killed.

“One day he had used drugs and dosed off on the couch with his rifle next to him. I wanted to take the rifle away so he would not harm us when he woke up. But when I took it, it accidentally fired and hit him,” Filiz said.

Her deceased husband’s father and mother confirmed the woman’s testimony, pleading the judge to free her.

“Our daughter-in-law is right. Our son treated us badly too. Please acquit her,” said her father-in-law İsmail Filiz.

“If you have a conscience, please release our daughter-in-law,” said her mother-in-law Hatice Filiz.

The prosecutor also demanded for the woman’s release, but the court ruled for the continuation of her arrest while it reviewed the forensics report.

Filiz was arrested for “killing her spouse after unjust provocation,” which carries a jail sentence of up to 24 years.