Turkish televangelist’s ‘Dr Mengele tested his kittens for HIV’

Turkish televangelist’s ‘Dr Mengele tested his kittens for HIV’


The controversial Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar, who was arrested by an Istanbul court on July 19, had ordered his physician, dubbed “Dr. Mengele,” to carry out HIV tests on his favorite female followers, whom he called his “kittens.”

Daily Yeni Asır reported on July 26 that Dr. Muhammed Cihat Gündoğdu’s residence and office were among dozens of addresses that the police raided across Turkey in an operation on July 11 to detain 234 people associated with Oktar.

According to the report, HIV and hepatitis test kits, polygraphs, voice analysing microphones and advanced medical equipment were seized in raids at the house and the office of the man, whom Oktar reportedly codenamed “Mengele.”

Police sources said two female followers were taught how to use the devices to “test the eligibility of kitten candidates.”

Oktar hosted talk show programs on his television channel, A9, on which he discusses Islamic values, sometimes dances with young women he calls “kittens,” and sings with young men whom he calls his “lions.”

Police displayed in Istanbul on July 25 more than 70 pistols and 23 rifles seized during the raids targeting residences of Oktar and his followers, who face hundreds of years in prison on more than 30 charges including forming a criminal gang, fraud and sexual abuse.

Oktar, who is also known with his pen-name Harun Yahya, denied the charges, claiming that he became the target of a “conspiracy by the British deep state.”

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