Turkish celebrity to be fined for ‘doing the Shiggy’

Turkish celebrity to be fined for ‘doing the Shiggy’


A Turkish celebrity will be fined for joining the social media craze known as theShiggy Challenge,” in which people step out of moving cars and dance.

Hülya Avşar, a singer and actress, shared the video on her social media account on July 24, showing her doing the viral dance challenge that originated from a show by American comedian and online personality Shiggy.

It was not immediately clear whether there was another driver inside her car during the filming near Avşar’s home in the western Turkish town of Ayvalık, but the singer will be fined 235 Turkish Liras for endangering traffic, according to local media reports.

She will also be escorted by police for a medical check-up due to the dangerous stunt, the reports added.