Turkish singer signs hefty divorce settlement with Serbian ex-wife

Turkish singer signs hefty divorce settlement with Serbian ex-wife


A Turkish court has ruled for the divorce of Turkish singer Mustafa Sandal and Serbian artist Emina Jahovic after the couple agreed on a deal worth millions of dollars.

The couple, who have two children, had previously been cited by Turkish tabloid media as a model celebrity family until marital conflicts surfaced recently.

Sandal and Jahovic, who is a singer, dancer and actress, applied to an Istanbul court for the divorce with a settlement protocol before the judge ended the 10-year-old marriage on June 6.

According to Turkish daily Habertürk, the protocol stipulates that Sandal will leave two-thirds of the revenue after they sell their luxurious Istanbul house for at least $3 million.

Additionally, the Turkish will buy a new house in Serbia for his ex-wife for at least $250,000, will pay for Jahovic’s rented car’s expenses or buy her a new car for at least 275,000 Turkish Liras and left his yacht to her for at least three months each year.

Jahovic will also be paid a monthly alimony of 15,000 Turkish Liras. Moreover, Sandal will pay 5,000 Turkish Liras each month for each of their children and cover their education and holiday expenses by paying another 60,000 Turkish Liras every year.

“It is not easy to end a marriage,” Jahovic reportedly said after the divorce hearing. “We are close friends and will remain so due to our children.”

Sandal, who came to the court and left it together with his ex-wife, also sounded upset.

“The love, friendship and the strong bond between us will remain until our last breath,” he said.