Turkish rock star Hayko Cepkin ‘skydives’ into concert

Turkish rock star Hayko Cepkin ‘skydives’ into concert


Hayko Cepkin, a Turkish-Armenian musician, has made an unconventional start to his latest concert when he arrived at the scene from the sky with a parachute.

Cepkin’s Sept. 2 concert at Zeytinli Rock Festival in the western Turkish province of Balıkesir had an exciting start. 

The singer jumped out of a plane at 1,000 meters and landed on the front gate of the festival zone with his parachute.

“I believe that the fast throbbing hearts of my fans and their prayers will keep me resilient,” Cepkin told journalists after the stunt, adding that he had promised them he would arrive at a concert with a parachute one day.

He also thanked the Turkish Aeronautical Association for helping realize the stunt.