Turkish group hacks Egypt’s state news agency

Turkish group hacks Egypt’s state news agency

CAIRO - Anadolu Agency

 Egypt’s state news agency was hacked Sept. 11 by a Turkish group condemning mass death sentences given by the country on Sept. 8.

The group replaced MENA’s front page with a picture of Mohammed Beltagy, the father of Asmaa, who was shot dead during protests in Cairo in 2013. A message in Turkish and Arabic which appeared on the homepage said: “You are persecuting people because of their different thoughts. You are preparing gallows. Do you think we will give up our true case?”

The message bore the logo of the hacker group Cyber-Warrior Akincilar.

MENA’s board chairman and chief editor, Ali Hasan, confirmed to Egyptian-based newspaper, Masravi, that a Turkish hacker group took control of the website and MENA would take steps to prevent such attempts.

The post was removed shortly thereafter.

The same group last year hacked a major Israeli news website with a message in support of Palestinians.