Turkish football fan humiliated women by burning sex doll, court rules

Turkish football fan humiliated women by burning sex doll, court rules

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
A Turkish football fan humiliated women by burning a sex doll dressed in a rival team’s jersey, a court ruled in Istanbul on May 24, adding that the suspect also used slogans including insults. 

The Fenerbahçe fan, identified as S.M. Eyigör, burned a sex doll dressed in rival Galatasaray’s jersey before a game between the two teams. 

“It was understood that the defendant used sexist insults both verbally and physically by burning a sex doll, while he was chanting slogans against Galatasaray,” the court ruled, sentencing the fan to two months and 15 days of prison for “humiliating a part of society based on gender difference.” 

He was also sentenced to a fine of 240 Turkish Liras for chanting slogans involving insults and was banned from watching matches in stadiums for a year. 

A file was complaint against Eyigör for using the female gender as a derogatory element in order to humiliate a rival team. The defendant, members of the Association for the Struggle against Sexual Violence, which was the plaintiff, and the lawyers for both parties participated in the final hearing of the case. 

“This is a crime against public peace. There are indications that he humiliated women,” said Birsen Atakan, the lawyer for the plaintiff, while the defendant said he was not the person burning the doll.

“A lynch campaign was launched in the press. I didn’t burn the sex doll. I have no connection to it,” said Eyigör, while apologizing to Galatasaray fans for burning their team’s flag.

“I didn’t engage in any act that humiliates women. I have a mother and a sister,” he added.