Turkish Education Ministry launches project to combat violence at schools

Turkish Education Ministry launches project to combat violence at schools


The Turkish Education Ministry has determined schools where violence against teachers is believed to be a significant yet under-investigated problem.

The ministry is set to form a new education model in these schools in a bid to “reintegrate students showing violent behavior due to problems stemming from various economic and social issues into society as healthy individuals,” said state-run Anadolu Agency on April 16.

Authorities will undertake various works for students showing violence tendencies to get to know themselves, recognize their talents and develop their senses of responsibility, Anadolu Agency said.

The ministry launched its project after a student killed his teacher in the northwestern province of Kocaeli’s Gebze district early this month.

The incident led officials to analyze violence cases committed against teachers nationwide since September last year and determine the schools “at most risk of violence” in the country.

Within the framework of the project, authorities decided to form an advisory board whose members will consist of representatives of relevant ministries, universities, NGOs and local administrations. This advisory board will not only be in contact with schools’ counselor teachers, but also mathematics and Turkish language teachers who have the most classes with students throughout the week.

Students who get involved in violence at schools will also be assigned “mentors,” who will be successful students from nearby universities. The Education Ministry will form a special education plan for these “mentors,” who will be bestowed the official title of “mentor” only if they successfully complete the compulsory training.

Not only violence against teachers, but also peer bullying will be at the project’s agenda.

Students will be warned against bullying behaviors at schools.